Gorakhpur medical college: Accused Dr Kafeel Khan's brother gunshot by strangers

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New Delhi : News reporting from Uttar Pradesh confirms that the brother of accused Dr Kafeel Khan was shot at by unknown offender. Dr. Khan was held responsible for death of 63 children in Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical College. The victim Kashif Jameel, 34 year-old, was rushed to a private hospital following the attack and said to be critical condition.

Ghanshyam Tiwari, in-charge of Kotwali police station said that the assailants gunshot Jameel at around 11 pm on Sunday. He suffered injuries in hand, neck and face. However, no complaint has been filed with regard to the attack so far.

Officials reported that the assailants arrived on an Activa, and allegedly fired three rounds of bullets on Jameel, fleeing soon after.

Jameel’s brother, Dr Kafeel Khan, was granted bail by the Allahabad High Court in April, eight months after being arrested over Gorakhpur hospital tragedy wherein at least 63 children had died due to shortage of oxygen.

Sixty-three children, including infants died in August 2017 within four days due to disorder in supply of oxygen to medical owing to non-payment of dues to the vendor.

Dr Shabistan Khan, wife of the accused, mentioned in a press conference that her husband and other doctors were being denied medical care in jail. The district prison authorities, however, had rejected the statement.

In her press conference, Dr Shabistan had apprehended that the doctors lodged in the prison might be killed. She said her husband suffered a heart stroke on March 29 but was not given proper treatment.