Moral police kicked a tribal woman, pulled her hair: Video goes viral

Still image from the video of moral police attack on tribal woman
Still image from the video of moral police attack on tribal woman

Guwahati : A video that has gone viral shows a young woman in Assam has been being brutally beaten up by a group of men. The video also shows drunken men thrashing the woman's male friend. Police is trying to solve the case on priority basis as the issue may create communal violence.

An ambiguous video on social media shows that a 22-year-old tribal woman and her companion were beaten up by a group of men, who are believed to be in drunken state. The footage covers the incident in which a woman standing next to a vehicle is seen screaming as two men pull her hair and kick her as she tries to make an urgent phone call. Another man has been noticed recording the harassment on his mobile phone as the woman is beaten on her face. The men are seen kicking and thrashing her male companion as he bends in fear and pain.

The incident took place in Assam's Golapara district, 130 kilometres from Guwahati. Police mentioned that the tribal woman was going to a medical centre with her male friend, who is from Muslim community. 

Police believe that the physical attack on the woman from the Garo community and her Muslim companion is a case of moral policing as the accused men thought the two were in a relationship and decided to take matters into their own hands.

As of now, the police trying to solve the case on priority to avoid communal tensions and at least twelve people have been arrested in connection to the case.

"We have registered a case. 12 persons have been detained and we are trying to zero in on the main accused," said Amitabha Sinha, the top police officer in Goalpara told NDTV.

The police officer said the woman's marriage has been fixed and that she was going to a medical centre with the man when the drunk men spotted her, reported news agency PTI. The attackers sought an explanation from the woman for going out with another man, he said.

"See the gruesome way she was beaten. It is clear from the video that people were slapping her, kicking her in full public view and no one came forward to her," said women rights activist Jaynie Sangma from Meghalaya.