Hathras Girl Cremation: 'What if she was a rich girl," asks HC

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Hathras Girl Cremation: 'What if she was a rich girl," asks HC
Hathras Girl Cremation: 'What if she was a rich girl," asks HC

Hathras : In a latest hearing in Hathras case, questions on financial status and class divide were brought up by the High Court, which is examining the sad conduct of cremation of 20-year-old Dalit girl by UP Police. The late night (2 am) cremation of the victim girl in the absence of family members has been widely slammed by the people.

The district administration and the UP Police have claimed that the cremation was done in night in order to avoid any law and order situation.

To the explanation, the High Court asked if the case would have been treated differently had the girl, instead of belonging to a poor family, came from a rich one.

"The court asked the District Magistrate - 'What if it was a girl from a rich family? Would you have cremated her the same way?" Seema Kushwaha, the counsel for the woman's family, told NDTV.

District Magistrate Praveen Kumar, who was among the officials summoned by the court, had accepted responsibility for the post-midnight cremation.

While taking up the case suo motu on October 1, the court had said it was of  "immense public importance" as it involves allegations of "high-handedness by the state authorities, resulting in violation of basic human and fundamental rights not only of the deceased victim but also her family members".

The Dalit girl was allegedly raped and tortured by four men of her village and was left to die on the fields. The girl succumbed to her injuries on September 29 in a Delhi Hospital. The case became critical after her body was cremated late night in the absence of family members and then journalists were banned from going inside the Hathras village for around three days.