Hindu migrant family waiting for citizenship names their baby 'Nagrikta'

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Hindu migrant family waiting for citizenship names their baby 'Nagrikta'
Hindu migrant family waiting for citizenship names their baby 'Nagrikta'

New Delhi : For the past seven years, a Hindu migrant family is waiting to get Indian citizenship. Moments after Amit Shah tabled the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Rajya Sabha, their hope turned into the end of the long wait. Being optimistic about the fact that they will soon get the citizenship of India, the family from Delhi named their newborn baby 'Nagrikta'.

The baby was born before the bill was even tabled in Lok Sabha, but she has been named after the bill got cleared by Rajya Sabha. Baby Nagrikta's family had arrived to India in 2012, since then they have been living in a resettlement colony in north Delhi's Majnu ka Tila.

"We kept running after citizenship for seven years and still did not get. After she (baby Nagrikta) was born, I was sure we will get it," the newborn's mother Aarti told NDTV.

Baby's grandmother claimed that they have named the baby 'Nagrikta' that translates to 'Citizenship' in English because they now believe that they will be granted their right soon.

"Everyone has been talking about citizenship ever since the girl was born, so we have named her Nagrikta. We hope we get citizenship. I want to thank the government; we have faced a lot of troubles here," Nagrikta's grandmother told news agency ANI.

The controversial legislation was cleared by the Lok Sabha on Tuesday with the support of as many as 334 MPs.

While the bill was tabled in both the houses by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, it was strongly opposed by the Opposition with claims that it is discrimination towards the Muslim community. Opposition leaders, who claim that the bill can never survive "judicial scrutiny", are expected to challenge it in the Supreme Court.