Know the meaning of Surgical Strike that India carried out at Line of Control

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New Delhi : India on Thursday noon announced that they have carried out a surgical strike at Line of Control in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to kill scores of terrorists who were prepping up for an attack in Kashmir.

A surgical strike is defined as a planned army attack to inflict damage on a specific target, with no or little collateral damage to surrounding areas.

Retired Lt General Shankar Prasad told NDTV that a surgical strike is an intricate operation that "needs a lot of grit to carry out".


# Surgical strike is a planned and focused attack on a specific target, resulting in maximum damage which gives a big surprise to your adversary.

# The aim of a surgical strike is to ensure little or no collateral damage.

# Indian soldiers on Thursday crossed Line of Control to destabilize 7 militant camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

# Between midnight and 4.30 am, Indian Army para commandos attacked seven terrorist launch pads two km across the Line of Control.

# Each launch pad is estimated to have above 10 militants and an equal number of trainers and supporters.

# The attack by Indian Forces took militants with a complete surprise.

# "Our forces have gone deep in and come back before sunrise," government sources said.

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