Krishna Janamashtami celebrations to remain low key as Dahi Handi cancelled

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Dahi Handhi (Representational Image)
Dahi Handhi (Representational Image)

Mumbai : Amid coronavirus pandemic, authorities have decided to cancel the 'Dahi Handi' celebrations during Krishna Janamashtami in Mumbai, resulting in losses for several businesses this year.

Every year, young men and women gather to form groups and make human pyramid to break Handi hanging from a height to win big cash prizes. Several celebrities also come out and celebrate the occasion with fans.

This year, around 1200 Dahi Handi organizers across Mumbai have decided not to celebrate the festival. The government has also urged people to stay in their homes and avoid public gatherings.

"Due to coronavirus, this is the first time that there is a restriction on Dahi Handi. So, a month back, our coach decided to not celebrate the festival because of social distancing," Akash Kasrekar of the Jai Jawan Govinda Pathak - the group which won the won the Dahi Handi competition last year, told NDTV.

No grand celebration means no big shopping extravaganza which means losses for small businesses which highly rely on such occasions for big profit.

While many small business owners are disappointed, some are hopeful to recover the losses in next big festival – Diwali.