"Protect Afghan women": Hundreds protest in Delhi

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"Protect Afghan women": Hundreds protest in Delhi (Image: Unsplash)
"Protect Afghan women": Hundreds protest in Delhi (Image: Unsplash)

New Delhi : Over hundreds of people joined hands and protested in Delhi's Mandi House area on Monday evening to show their solidarity with the Afghan community in the country as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

The protesters, mostly women, raised slogans and demanded support for the Afghan women and children as Taliban is expected to make their lives difficult and miserable.

With placards of "Protect Afghan Women", people showed their solidarity with the women of Afghanistan who are almost on a brink of losing their rights.

Last week, Taliban had assured the world that they have changed and will make laws that will protect the rights of women; but their actions on the ground have a different story altogether.

NDTV quoted an Afghan resident, Zara, in Delhi as saying, "My family is stuck in Kabul since last Sunday. Every day something new is happening. They (Taliban) are checking houses. People who have been working for 15-20 years with the US have been searched. This is their rule. If they find out someone is working with a foreign government, they will kill them."

Speaking about the atrocities unleashed on her country by the militia, she said, "60% of our people have been working with the US because they have been in Afghanistan for a long time. The Taliban find out about the men and kill them. They then marry the women off or keep them for themselves and kill the children."

"Every day I get news that either my neighbor has been shot or a relative is dead. How can someone sleep at night peacefully or keep a straight mind when you're waiting for someone to knock on the door and come shoot you in the head?"

Meanwhile, world has been making their efforts to airlift their residents from Afghanistan via Kabul airport.