Diabetes: Mango leaves help in reducing blood sugar

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Diabetes: Mango leaves help in reducing blood sugar
Diabetes: Mango leaves help in reducing blood sugar

New Delhi : Diabetes has become one of the most common disease affecting millions of people across the globe. While it is difficult to overcome it completely and the only solution remains is to avoid the food that directly impacts blood sugar.

Here is another tip that will help you in keeping the blood sugar regulated. It has been learned that Mango leaf can help in reducing blood sugar levels. Mango leaves are loaded with properties that can help you manage diabetes. They can contribute to a drop in blood sugar levels. Various studies have also highlighted the benefits of mango leaves in managing diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels.

'Mango leaf extract (Mangiferin) has the ability to inhibit the enzyme alpha glucosidase, which helps reduce carbohydrate metabolism in intestine, and hence blood glucose levels. More research is needed to find out the exact dosage of the leaf extract,'' NDTV quotes Dr. Mahesh. D. M, Consultant Endocrinology, Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore.

The report adds that Mango leaf has properties that help in producing insulin and distribution of glucose.

They can help in stabilising blood sugar levels. Mango leaves are also loaded with pectin, vitamin C and fibre. Together they are beneficial for both diabetes and cholesterol.

How to use Mango leaf to lower blood sugar?

The process is very simple. Boil 10-15 Mango leaves in water properly; leave them overnight. Strain the water and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. Drinking this concoction every morning regularly for few months may have magical effects on your blood sugar levels.