Rolls Royce completes testing of world's fastest electric plane

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Rolls Royce all-electric Plane (Image:
Rolls Royce all-electric Plane (Image:

New Delhi : Rolls Royce has announced that they have completed testing the world's fastest all-electric air plane All the technology has been tested on a full-scale replica of the plane's core, called an 'ionBird', including a 500 horsepower electric powertrain powerful enough to set world speed records and a battery with enough energy to supply 250 homes.

The plane has been made under Rolls Royce initiative called ACCEL, short for 'Accelerating the Electrification of Flight'.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic ruining majority of 2020, the team worked for the initiative while adhering to the UK Government's social distancing and other health guidelines.

There is a long history of iron-birds in aviation for testing propulsion systems ahead of flight, but in this case we have named the test airframe 'ionBird', after the zero-emission energy source propelling the aircraft.

Rob Watson, Director - Rolls-Royce Electrical, said, "Rolls-Royce is committed to playing a leading role in reaching net zero carbon by 2050. The completion of ground-testing for the ACCEL project is a great achievement for the team and is another important step towards a world record attempt. This project is also helping to develop Rolls-Royce's capabilities and ensure that we remain a leader in delivering the electrification of flight, an important part of our sustainability strategy."

The ACCEL project is a series of firsts for Rolls-Royce as we journey towards net zero carbon by 2050. It is the first Rolls-Royce project to use offsetting to make the whole programme carbon neutral.