No restrictions on Chinese flyers in Indian flights: Report

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New Delhi : There are no restrictions on Chinese nationals coming to India via flights, said a media report.

Sources in Air India airlines told NDTV that they are boarding all passengers, including Chinese nationals.

Meanwhile, India is among those nations which are facing a travel ban from China in wake of coronavirus pandemic. The order was issued in early November, when India was also dealing with a border dispute with China, however, the Chinese Embassy in India had mentioned that the measure has been taken in accordance to pandemic and it has nothing to do with the border tension.

Besides India, the similar restrictions have been imposed on flights coming from UK, Europe, France, Belgium, Bangladesh and the Philippines.

"China will make further adjustment and announcement in accordance with the ongoing pandemic situation in a timely manner," the embassy had said.

China, the originating place of coronavirus, had took control over the virus by implementing strict safety measures and barring all incoming flights to the nation.

India is the world's second most-infected nation after the United States. The total number of positives so far is 1,02,07,871, but the daily surge has been brought down to around 20,000 from a peak of 97,000.