Video: Swami Om enjoys lap dance with Bikini-clad model

Posted By : Ankit Pal
Swami Om video with model in bikini goes viral
Swami Om video with model in bikini goes viral
New Delhi:

Swami Om’s connection with controversies is not new, these days adding controversies to his bucket is nothing less than adding water to a sea. In a new, a video is getting viral over social media in which he can be seen enjoying lap dance by a bikini-clad model.

The video was posted on Instagram a couple of days back and as expected it received a massive response with mixed thoughts.

As we observe the short clip, it looks more like a re-enactment of the story of Vishwamitra and Menaka; Swami Om can be seen meditating under deep senses as a bikini-clad model tries to break his concentration. The whole video will leave you asking why? Don’t believe us watch the video below:

Some media reports claim that it is a leaked clip from Swami Om’s upcoming movie ‘Mann Ka Mail’. 

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