With the commitment to the need of the time in todays dynamic media world, where consumers are looking for an unbiased and fair approach, News Heads has become a popular choice in a very short period of about six months from its official launch in 2016.

News Heads has moved into fast trajectory within a short span of time and is now amongst top websites in news genre. It stands out as a brand that is the choice of thousnads of Indian.

News Heads stands firm on the foundations of its motto - 'Clean and clear news'. The website newsheads.in caters to a wide range of audiences with a varied mix of segments like. Latest News, Exclusive Interviews, Entertainment, Sports, Travel, Crime, Politics and other such programs that focus on public affairs.

Headquartered in Faridabad, News Heads has professionals from respective fields having years of experience and distinguished journalists have joined hands to ensure quality journalism.


  • Editor – Ankit Pal

    Ankit Pal is the editor of News Heads, he comes with over five years of experience in online journalism. He has worked with brands like NDTV, NewsX and News Nation. He has also been a movie critic and has reviewed over 100 movies in his career.

    Ankit Pal is open to suggestion and can be contacted via email – ankit@newsheads.in or on his twitter account @ankit2704

  • Consulting Editor – Sunit Sharma

    Sunit Sharma works as a consulting editor for News Heads. He comes with an overall media experience of above 20 years. He is a news worm and has been associated with several newspapers and publication houses.

  • Chief Copy editor - Devika Chhibber

    Devika Chhibber is a day dreamer and wanderer and has a hopeless taste in politics and current affairs but she is good at playing with news stories and giving them a flaky twist for the avid readers. She has somehow managed to pass 9 years in the media industry but still looks forward to something concrete in her life.

  • Senior Sub Editor – Siddhartha Gupta

    Siddhartha Gupta is an enthusiast about opiniative news articles. He loves to have a say over topics relating to several genres of news. He had worked with NDTV for over 3 years and had been a freelance journalist for past couple of years.

  • News Heads Bureau

    Stories which are posted by staff members; they are either reported by them or compiled from various reliable sources and news agencies.

    News Heads Bureau can be contacted via email – info@newsheads.in or on his twitter account @newsheads_in

  • Social Media Manager - Rahul Sharma

    Rahul is a social media giant living 24x7 in the virtual world. He is a certified Google marketing expert and has a vast experience of media promotions and news execution. He has worked with prominent media houses and has always been associated with small time projects in SEO development. He can be reached via email – rahul.sharma@newsheads.in newsheads.in@gmail.com