Disturbing video! Female bullfighter mounted by young bull in full view

Posted By : Devika Chhibber
bull mounts on female fighter
bull mounts on female fighter
Los Angeles:

In a shocking footage, a bull fight took a horrible turn when the beast in the play began mounting the female fighter.

As seen in the disturbing footage, the bull first knocked the woman down in the field and then started thrusting her.

The bull fight took place in Spain and initially the woman - a dwarf - proves a match and beats the animal after she wields a brown cape.

After the bull slows down she stamps in front of him and goads him on. However, he suddenly springs into action and charges at her and trips her up then thrusting her with pelvic movements.

It seems the bull was aroused by the presence of a female. Immediate shrieks of horror were heard from the crowd, before two others rushed to be at the woman’s side.

Some also forcibly dragged the bull away from the woman while others brought the bullfighter to her feet and out of arena.

It's still unclear whether she sustained any injury from the traumatic incident.

Watch the whole video here:

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