Happy Birthday Imtiaz Ali : The director who give us life goals

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Happy Birthday Imtiaz Ali : The director who give us life goals
Happy Birthday Imtiaz Ali : The director who give us life goals

Dehradun : To pen down about the qualities of one my favourite director is really a task because I cannot just pick one or two reasons why I love Imtiaz Ali’s work so much.

He may not produce and direct many films in a year, but whenever he does, he creates a masterpiece.

Imtiaz is among those directors who have made movies that shows mirror to the society in many ways. His contemporary and connectable approach has the command on the pulse of millennials.

Movies like Socha Na Tha, Jab we met, Rockstar, Love aaj kal, Tamasha in his kitty makes him the director of unconventional love stories. While the other directors offer us typical Bollywood masala Imtiaz always show us the reality which is rare to accept in our society. 

I can well connect to his films because it’s all about people like us confused and searching for happiness.

On the occasion let me brief you about Imtiaz’s best work till date.

Socha Na tha: It was love at first sight watching Abhay deol’s charming face on screen but, the movie was more than that it showcases how relationships are dealt in the most unusual way. The movie was way ahead from its time.

Jab we met:

Being a girl I can so relate to Geet...An over confident, talkative girl yet emotional and kind hearted who believes in the end everything will be fine.  A female centric character, which is brave move for a director in Bollywood. 


One of the most emotional love stories ever made in bollywood. Jordan became the other version of Romeo. The way Imtiaz potrayed the incomplete bond and pain is among his most complex work.


We want to be something, we become something and in between this want and need, we lose our charm, happiness and dreams. Best of the actors were part of the movie, and the trio of Deepika-Ranbir-Imtiaz give us one of the best performances to remember for years.