Moto MX9 model hits the roads: EV bike for ₹1.47 lakh price tag

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 Moto MX9 model hits the roads: EV bike for ₹1.47 lakh price tag (Image:
Moto MX9 model hits the roads: EV bike for ₹1.47 lakh price tag (Image:

Delhi : A strong and athletic electric bike called the mX9 has been introduced by the electric bike manufacturer mXmoto.The sophisticated, new-generation MX9 e-bike strikes the ideal balance between intelligence, performance, and safety. Priced at Rs. 1,45,999 (ex-showroom), the electric motorbike can go 120–148 kilometres on a single charge.

LifePO4 battery technology, which is regarded as the pinnacle of security in clean mobility, is included in the mX9. With the greatest level of safety available in battery technology, LifePO4 batteries are able to store a remarkable amount of energy relative to their size and weight.

The 17-inch big tire and powerful motor of the mX9 are included. Due to the powerful torque of the C35 magnet separations, the state-of-the-art mX9 motor propels the vehicle with outstanding output and quick acceleration. The exceptional climbing angle, 60 AMP high-efficiency controller with regenerative braking, and energy-saving technologies raise the bar for performance in the mX9. Furthermore, the drive system is motivated to operate at higher levels of performance by the 16% increase in output power.

TFT screen, navigation, sound system seamless connectivity with smart app, cruise controller, reverse assist, anti-skid/hill assist function, and parking assist are some other sophisticated features of MX9.

"mXmoto keeps the safety of riders at the forefront with a strong focus on cutting-edge safety measures, rigorous testing, and a persistent quest of continual development. We ensure that bike enthusiasts may go out on their excursions with confidence by providing a secure riding experience. According to Rajendra Malhotra, managing director of mXmoto, "Our first bike, the mX9, is a complete package of safety, performance, and intelligence and I am certain it will soon be the favorite pick for riders seeking amazing riding experiences in clean mobility."

Additionally, riders may now enjoy a central shock absorber similar to those seen on racing motorcycles with the mX9 adjustable rear suspension, outperforming conventional bilateral suspension systems. The increased flexibility of the vehicle creates a more improved sensation of balance by keeping the center of gravity at the center during turns.

Dynamic LED headlights on the mX9 are built to react to every driving situation and offer excellent lighting both during the day and at night. The highest level of safety for motorcyclists is guaranteed by its high brightness, wide angles, and perfect light distribution, whether travelling through dark passages or difficult terrain.

mXmoto is the sister brand of Komaki, one of the top manufacturers of electric vehicles, which has already made a name for itself as one of the most dependable names in the Indian EV industry. A promotional campaign on social media and OTT channels is being launched by mXmoto in addition to the official introduction of the MX9.