How the Honda Amaze reached 5.3 lakh units sold

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How the Honda Amaze reached 5.3 lakh units sold (Image:
How the Honda Amaze reached 5.3 lakh units sold (Image:

Delhi : According to the official Honda manufacture, the Amaze sedan makes up every second Honda vehicle sold in India. The fifth-generation City joins the Honda Amaze in the brand's product lineup and together they make up 53% of the brand's total sales. The Amaze was already E20 fuel ready in 2013, so even the first-generation versions can readily use fuel that contains 20% ethanol blend. According to Honda, first-time vehicle purchasers account for 40% of total sales. About 35% of demand is for the automatic versions, while Tier II and III regions account for about 60% of Amaze volume sales.

Takuya Tsumura, President & CEO of Honda Cars India Limited (HCIL), spoke about the Honda Amaze's tenth jubilee and said, "Today represents a milestone in our India voyage, as Honda Amaze completes a decade-long existence in this market with over 5.3 lakh customers. With its powerful brand appeal, bold styling, superb performance, longevity, build quality, safety, and comfortable experience, it is a strategic luxury entry model in our inventory that offers 'One Class Above Sedan Experience' to our clients. We're pleased that the Amaze is helping our India company considerably and has overtaken other models in our lineup in terms of sales. First-time purchasers make up 40% of the Amaze's market, and the vehicle has demonstrated an increasing predilection for the advanced CVT automatic versions, which account for nearly 35% sale of the market.

The Honda Amaze's functional shape and roomy interior worked in its favour. The automaker's "man maximum, machine minimum" idea, which combined sleek lines, reliable construction, and economical motor choices, helped optimise interior room. Remember that the 1.2-liter gas and 1.5-liter i-DTEC diesel engines that were then being built were both included in the first-generation Amaze. The sedan's standard engine choice and the one that brought in the lion's share of sales was the workhorse of a motor. Additionally, the industry was favouring diesel engines at this period.

Honda addressed some of the shortcomings of the first-generation Amaze with the second generation model, adding a more upscale interior with improved comfort, a more upscale appearance, and more technology. Additionally, the first diesel transmission in the market was available with this variant. The 1.2-litre i-VTEC engine coupled with a 5-speed manual or CVT automatic is the only option for the Amaze now that the diesel engine has been phased out.

The Honda Amaze is produced for both local and international markets at the company's Tapukara factory in Rajasthan. The SAARC countries and South Africa both import the car. In 236 towns across India, the business has a dealer network of 325 stores.