New Era of motorcycling has arrived: Harley Davidson's X350

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New Era of motorcycling has arrived: Harley Davidson's X350 (Image:
New Era of motorcycling has arrived: Harley Davidson's X350 (Image:

Delhi : Harley-Davidson plans to overtake the market due to the growing interest in vintage motorcycles. Harley had made an attempt at doing the same with the Street 750 and Street Rod 750 models. They fell short of expectations, and Harley's ambition to dominate the more affordable classic bikes persisted.

Harley-Davidson Introduces the X350 in China at a Reasonable Pricing

In response, Harley-Davidson is launching a new line of 350cc and 500cc motorcycles. Harley appears to be taking it easy this time. Powertrains have been procured from QJ, and alliances that can serve emerging markets like India have been strategically forged. The Harley-Davidson X500 and X350 motorcycles are the result of this. The Harley Davidson X350 is the more advanced of these two.The Harley Davidson X350 is the one of these two that has recently had a formal introduction in the market.

At a starting price of 33,388 Yuan, or around Rs. 3.93 lakh at the current exchange rate, the Harley Davidson X350 has been introduced in China. Due to this, the X350 is by far the most cheapest Harley-Davidson currently on the market. Harley Davidson is also providing alluring loans in an effort to reach a wider audience. The new HDX350 may be purchased for a down payment of 8,888 Yuan (including extra charges and insurance) and the remainder amount through EMIs.

The New X350 Harley Davidson measures 2110mm in length, 785mm in width, and 1110mm in height. It is a 1410mm wheelbase. It sports a 120/70Z R17 tyre up front, and a 160/60Z R17 tyre on the back. Its kerb weight is 195 kg, but its total vehicle weight is 355 kg. Both the front and the back use a single disc for braking. ABS is the norm.

Harley Davidson fans will surely miss the V-Twin thunder and smooth power delivery of a belt drive with this new affordable motorbike. By choosing this strategy, Harley-Davidson hopes to compete with another established brand that now rules this market. But, they will receive Harley-Davidson-branded, neo-retro-styled motorcycles instead.

A new model with impressive horsepower and top speed is the Harley-Davidson X350

Based on this same machine, Harley Davidson would later release the X500. Several parts are shared between the two as well, significantly reducing expenses. Headlights, instrument clusters, alloy wheels, rear mono-shocks, and USD forks are a few examples of these parts. Both motorcycles have a somewhat different design. While the fuel tank has only minimal variations, the rear subframe and tail section are drastically altered.

Braking system variations are another distinction. Instead of smaller petal discs, the Harley-Davidson X500 receives bigger conventional discs. Both receive a two disc front arrangement and a single disc rear setup. Although they both have liquid cooling, only the X350 motorcycle has a smaller radiator that is bordered by tank shrouds.

The engine division is where the biggest distinction lies. The 353cc engine in the less powerful model produces about 34 horsepower of power. The X350, which weighs around 195 kg, has a peak speed of 143 km/h. But, the Benelli 502C's parallel-twin motor, which produces 45 bhp and 46 Nm, will also power the X500. X500, which weighs 207 kg, has a top speed of 159 km/h.

Harley X350 Launch in India

In India, sales in the 350cc class range from 60k to 70k per month. Royal Enfield has a market share of 90%. RE is the current champion in both the middle-weight 650cc and 350cc categories thanks to a variety of characteristics including design, appeal, nostalgia, feel, and more. There is no known date for the Harley Davidson X350's introduction in India. Yet due to Hero MotoCorp, there is a very good probability that this new bike will arrive in India given the country's expanding desire for mid-displacement motorcycles.