Safe electric scooter fun for kids now under 35K!

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Safe electric scooter fun for kids now under 35K! (Image:
Safe electric scooter fun for kids now under 35K! (Image:

Delhi : Now a days the electric vehicle market in the nation is rapidly expanding. Every day, new startup firms launch their goods here. This list now includes one more name. The electric scooter 'Baaz' from new electric mobility company 'Baaz Bikes' has joined the country's electric vehicle market.

When you see this company's product, you'll be confused about whether to call it a bike or a scooter. Driving it, though, will have a moped feel about it. Numerous sources also claim that it may be driven for up to 100 kilometres without being charged.

Cost Price of the Baaz electric scooter

The pricing of this electric scooter in the Indian market has been set at Rs 35,000 by the business. In addition, the manufacturer offers the option of replacing out the battery in this electric scooter. Long excursions may be completed with this scooter even by merely switching the battery without stopping anywhere along the way. The manufacturer also offers a peak speed of 25 kilometres per hour with this scooter. At the same time, no driving licence is required to operate it.

Charging special features

The firm has supplied the ability to repair 9 batteries in the electric scooter's switching platform. In addition, the manufacturer claims that the battery of this scooter can be changed in 90 seconds. Its motor and batteries have been rated IP65. Rain and dust have no effect on it.

Few characteristics of Baaz electric scooter 

About its product line, the corporation has not yet provided any details. Nothing has been revealed thus far. This electric scooter has a length of 1624mm, a width of 680mm, and a height of 1052mm. This electric scooter includes a patented defect detection and preventative management system.

Special features of Baaz electric scooter

With this, the scooter may forecast fires, water logging, and other potentially hazardous situations. It can also help to avoid mishaps. This electric scooter also has anti-vandalism and anti-theft measures from the manufacturer.