5 door Mahindra Thar is coming with multiple engines and 2WD

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5 door Mahindra Thar is coming with multiple engines and 2WD (Image: auto.mahindra.com)
5 door Mahindra Thar is coming with multiple engines and 2WD (Image: auto.mahindra.com)

Delhi : Thar, a new lifestyle off-roader from Mahindra Auto, has established a sizable market for the company, which has long been considered as India's leading utility maker. Maruti Suzuki, the largest PV vehicle manufacturer in the nation, has introduced the Jimny five-door, a more useful, nimble, and cost-effective alternative to this powerful SUV. Mahindra is one of those manufacturers that won't allow its market share to slip away so easily, and in an effort to entice more buyers, it plans to release the Thar's more useful 5-door version. The five-door Thar will reportedly be introduced by Mahindra with a wide range of drivetrain choices.

Numerous test mules of the five-door Thar have been driving around the nation over the past few months, and each time, some new features have made the press. This time, it has been stated that Mahindra plans to provide a number of engine and drivetrain configurations right out of the gate with the Thar 5-door.

The 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline and 2.2-liter diesel engines from the Thar 3-door will remain, according to sources, and both will be offered with manual and automatic transmissions. In addition, the most recent spy photos reveal that there is no 44 lever on the centre console, suggesting that a Thar 5-door 4X2 that might be fitted with both the petrol and diesel engines is also in the works.

According to reports, Mahindra is working on the 2WD five door Thar in an effort to compete more forcefully with Maruti Suzuki's recently revealed Jimny. With this 2WD Thar, the business intends to focus on a larger practical vehicle market. According to reports, Mahindra will tune the Thar five doors engine to increase power and performance, much like it did for the recently announced Scoprio-N.

With the addition of two middle doors, the SUV will look essentially the same as the three door Thar aside from these mechanical alterations. Additionally, a 300 mm wheelbase is projected for the five door Thar with these two new doors. According to the sources, Mahindra may also design new body panels for the five-door Thar because doing so would expand the vehicle's width and improve stability. To achieve an appropriate width to wheelbase ratio, this will be done.

The SUV's interior won't undergo any significant modifications to the dashboard's layout or appearance, however. A front centre armrest, a sunglass holder, and an upgraded infotainment system may all be included in the upcoming Thar five-door vehicle, according to sources.

When it comes to the new Thar's introduction, it's possible that it will happen anytime in or around June 2023. The Thar five door would likely cost between Rs 14 and Rs 15 lakh when it is released.