Coming soon: Maruti Suzuki's Hycross-based MPV

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Coming soon: Maruti Suzuki's Hycross-based MPV (Image:
Coming soon: Maruti Suzuki's Hycross-based MPV (Image:

Delhi : In the upcoming two months, Maruti Suzuki will launch an entirely new premium MPV in India. It is well known that the next-generation Maruti MPV will be built on the Toyota Innova Hycross platform. It's interesting that it would be the first Toyota offered in the Indian market under the Maruti Suzuki rebadge.

Powertrain of the next Maruti Suzuki MPV based on the Innova Hycross

Some media rumours claim that the next Maruti premium MPV will use the Toyota Innova Hycross' 2.0-liter, inline-four cylinder petrol engine as a basis for its powerful hybrid system. This engine is linked with a compact battery pack and an electric motor. 

186PS is the system's total combined output. An automatic gearbox known as the e-CVT is coupled with this potent hybrid powerplant. The Maruti MPV, in contrast, has a similar stated mileage to the Innova Hycross of 21.1kmpl.

Variants and features of the new Maruti Suzuki MPV based on the Innova Hycross

The six trim levels available for the Toyota Innova Hycross are G, GX, VX, VX (O), ZX, and ZX (O). In contrast, the strong hybrid powertrain option for the new Maruti Suzuki MPV is anticipated to be offered in three or four configurations.

Additionally, a number of options, including a 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a fully digital instrument cluster, a panoramic sunroof, a nine-speaker JBL surround sound system, Separate front- and second-row zones, dual-zone climate control, a powered driver seat with memory, powered rear seats with leg rests, connected car features, a 360-degree camera, multiple airbags and a powered tailboard are just a few examples. Additionally, it's expected that Maruti would include ADAS in its MPV, making it the first Maruti to do so.

Design and interior of the next Maruti Suzuki MPV based on the Innova Hycross

To set the two versions apart, Maruti Suzuki may alter its Innova Hycross variant. Expect it to remodel the radiator grille, front and rear bumpers, and alloy wheels for this. Possible features for the next Maruti MPV include unique headlamps and taillamps. Except for the new Suzuki insignia on the steering wheel, the inside could remain untouched, including the dashboard, seats, and central console.