Georgia woman thankful to Elon Musk for saving her husband's life

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Tesla car which met with the accident (Image: Twitter/@pambaker18)
Tesla car which met with the accident (Image: Twitter/@pambaker18)

Georgia : A Georgia woman expressed her gratitude to Elon Musk for making a car that literally saved the life of her husband who apparently met with an accident in his Tesla car.

"@elonmusk beyond grateful that you made a car that saved my husband’s life yesterday.  My 4 kids and I thank you with all we have.  #Tesla," Pam Baker posted on Twitter with the images of damaged car. With the images, it is evident that the car had to face a massive accident.

Elon musk also liked her tweet acknowledging her expression. 

However, people had different opinions on the tweet. While some were concerned over the health of the woman's husband, some tried to take it as sarcasm on the quality of the Tesla car.

Replying to comment, Pam mentioned about the current health of her husband. She wrote, "He will moved out of ICU yesterday.  Broken and banged up a little and a punctured lung from his broken ribs but very little considering."

One social media user thought of it as sarcasm on the build quality of the car, but Pam clarified that the tweet has been done with all sincerity and no joke. "I hope so because it’s meant with true sincerity.  The EMT literally said he wouldn’t have survived in another car," replied Pam.

Tesla is known for making one of the most reliable electric cars in the US and for Pam Bakers it was worth every penny to make an investment on the car as it saved the life of her husband which is priceless.