Kia's vision for tomorrow: EV6, EV9, and EV5 take center stage on 'Kia EV Day'"

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Kia's vision for tomorrow: EV6, EV9, and EV5 take center stage on 'Kia EV Day'" (Image:
Kia's vision for tomorrow: EV6, EV9, and EV5 take center stage on 'Kia EV Day'" (Image:

Delhi : On October 12, the Korean carmaker Kia observed "Kia EV Day" by showcasing their lineup of electric vehicles, which includes the EV6, EV9, and three new models: the production-spec EV5, two new ideas for an EV3 SUV, and an EV4 sedan. Kia has previously introduced the EV6 in practically every foreign market, including India. The EV9 will soon be introduced internationally, and the three additional models are also anticipated to be released shortly.  

EV4 Kia

A concept electric vehicle on display is the Kia EV4, a car that has similarities with the current EV6. Its unique design aspects include pronounced shoulder lines, a dynamic, tapered roofline, a front bumper with a big air intake, headlights and taillights positioned vertically, and a minimalist interior. New 'Mind Modes' for dynamic ventilation patterns and ambient lighting modifications, a 'Perform Mode' that presents information for optimal performance, and a 'Serenity Mode' with digital visuals to create a calm atmosphere are among features of the Kia EV4. 

EV3 Kia

Kia's next entry-level electric SUV, the EV3, will have design cues from larger models like the production-spec EV5 and current EV9, among others. With a boxy silhouette, a sharply sloped windscreen, a gently tapering roofline at the back, big alloy wheels, and an interior composed of handcrafted and environmentally friendly materials, it has a small but attractive appearance. 

SUV Production-Spec Kia EV5 

The EV5 SUV from Kia has been introduced as a worldwide product that is made in China and Korea for international markets. Three versions of the EV5 will be offered: normal, long-range, and long-range AWD. With a 160kW motor and 64kWh battery, the base model has a 530 km range. With the same motors and an 88kWh battery, the long-range model has a 720 km range. With a front-wheel 160kW motor, a rear-wheel 70kW motor, and an 88kWh battery pack, the top-spec long-range AWD is said to have a driving range of 650 km. Together, these motors generate a total power of 230kW. The EV5's five-seat cabin has three distinct touchscreens for entertainment, vehicle information, and HVAC controls, as well as cutting-edge ADAS technology and V2L. Later on, a Kia EV5 GT model with an emphasis on performance is anticipated to be on sale.