New prices of Mahindra Thar, Scorpio and XUV700: Get the details here

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New prices of Mahindra Thar, Scorpio and XUV700: Get the details here (Image:
New prices of Mahindra Thar, Scorpio and XUV700: Get the details here (Image:

Delhi : Mahindra Thar, Scorpio N, and Scorpio Classic prices have risen as a consequence of Phase II of BS6 emissions regulations, which mandates all vehicle makers to make their inventories RDE and E20 compatible. Mahindra has also raised prices across its entire product range. Models such as the XUV700 and XUV300 have seen price increases of up to Rs 75,000. 

Hiked price of Thar and its all variant

The cost of the new Thar base petrol LX AT 2WD HT has not changed. A carryover of Rs. 13,49,000 is being made. The remaining 4WD petrol versions are now Rs 28,200 more expensive.

A Thar 4WD powered by diesel now costs Rs 28,200 more at basic price. The starting price of Thar diesel 4WDs has increased from the prior starting price of Rs 14,15,900 to Rs 14,44,100. According to the latter OD, there appear to be new Thar diesel 4WD hard top versions.

Hiked prices of Scorpio classic and its variants

For the 7-seater S version of the Scorpio Classic, prices have increased by Rs 35,701 and Rs 41,600, respectively. The S11 variant now has a price of Rs 67,100. The Scorpio Classic S now has a price range of Rs 12,99,901 to Rs 13,25,801. The Scorpio N is nevertheless offered in a broad range of configurations, including those with petrol and diesel engines, two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, and six, seven and eight seats.

The basic Z2 model now costs Rs 31,301 more when equipped with a diesel engine. The cost of the Z4, Z6, Z4, Z6, and Z8 MT all rise by Rs 41,300. The Z4 MT's 4WD price increases by Rs 56,300, while the Z8 MT and Z8 AT's 4WD price increases by Rs 51,300. The Z8L MT and Z8L AT's base prices have risen by Rs 46,300, as have the Z8L MT and Z8L AT with 4WD. The final choice, the Z8 AT model, has a price increase of Rs 36,300.

Hiked price of Mahindra Scorpio N and its variant

Mahindra Scorpio N diesel model's basic price rise from Rs 13,24,201 to Rs 13,55,502 this month. The cost of the entry-level fuel Z2 MT has increased by Rs 31,299 since last year. The Z4 MT, Z4 AT, and Z8 MT all experience a Rs 41,300 price rise.

While the Z8L MT and Z8L AT receive equal price increases for both the 6-seater and 7-seater trims, at Rs 46,300, the Z8 AT is the only trim to experience a price increase. The Mahindra Scorpio N's base price has risen from Rs. 12,74,201 to Rs. 13,05,500