Ola Electric Rolls Out MoveOS 3 Nationwide, Loaded With 50+ New Features

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Ola Electric Rolls Out MoveOS 3 Nationwide, Loaded With 50+ New Features (Image: olaelectric.com)
Ola Electric Rolls Out MoveOS 3 Nationwide, Loaded With 50+ New Features (Image: olaelectric.com)

Delhi : The MoveOS 3 software was exclusively released by Ola Electric for use on all of its scooters. Up to 50 new features and performance enhancements are added to Ola scooters with the launch of the new update.

Over a lakh consumers nationwide now have access to Ola Electric's MoveOS 3 software. This is MoveOS's third upgrade in a year, and it adds more than 50 features in addition to performance improvements for the scooters. According to Ola, this is the largest OTA update among Indian two-wheeler OEMs. Here is a summary of the updated features in MoveOS 3.

The Ola electric scooters now have access to hypercharging, which can give them a 50 km range in just 15 minutes of charging via the Ola hypercharger network. Also, the scooter will now have three regeneration levels and better acceleration. The scooter now completes the 0-60 kmph sprint in 4.5 seconds instead of 5 seconds, according to Ola, thanks to MoveOS 2. Along with a customised charging algorithm, the new OS delivers optimised torque mapping. More speed is now available in various riding modes thanks to the move software upgrade. In sports mode, acceleration is now 20% faster than before, in hyper mode, it is 10% faster, and the range is also rumoured to have increased by 2-5%.  The eco mode's top speed, which was previously limited to 40 kmph, has also been raised.

Also, the scooters have a vacation mode that prevents deep discharge for up to 200 days. Additionally, the update now offers a party mode, which is essentially a synchronised light show on the scooter that goes along with the song you are playing, in case you are in the mood to party. One of MoveOS 3's improvements is adding warning lights to the scooter.

The scooters will now have several user profiles that can be used to establish different parameters for various riders. The scooters can be secured or unlocked with MoveOS 3's proximity lock/unlock simply by moving away from it or close to it. Now, users of the scooter can connect to WiFi. With the latest version, users will also be able to save soft copies of documents including driving licences, Aadhaar cards, insurance paperwork, and more. The scooters' screens can show all of these documents. Additional data will be shown on the screen, like the remaining battery life, the time needed to recharge, and so forth.

Three additional themes, or "moods," as Ola puts it, will be available in the MoveOS3 software. This includes Vintage, Bolt, and Eclipse. A separate motor sound, lock/unlock sound, and charging sound are all exclusive to each mood. Vintage is the most popular mood among clients, according to a beta test. Finally, MoveOS 3 also adds hill-hold assistance to the scooters, though this feature is still in beta testing and won't be available to all users right now.

A aggressive expansion drive has also been made by Ola, which has opened over 50 experience centres around the nation and plans to open 100 locations by the end of this month and 200 by March 2023.