Mahindra Thar's cheaper 4x4 vs Maruti Jimny: A battle to watch

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Mahindra Thar's cheaper 4x4 vs Maruti Jimny: A battle to watch (Image:
Mahindra Thar's cheaper 4x4 vs Maruti Jimny: A battle to watch (Image:

Delhi : Mahindra is working on a new base 44 version of the Thar. Nowadays, a 42 is the standard variant. The car, which has 44 on all of its variations, is thought to be being built to compete with the Maruti Jimny. Given that the Thar is substantially larger and has demonstrated its skills on Indian roads since debut, it may be alluring for consumers contemplating the Jimny to choose a less expensive 44 Thar. According to reports, the company will offer this new base 44 model with the more powerful 2.0L and 2.2L gasoline engines.

Mahindra may choose to call this new base variation the AX AC, according to rumours from Autocar India, however this has not yet been confirmed.

In order to reduce costs, this type will feature a basic design without probably any creature comforts. Mahindra wants to appeal to off-road enthusiasts who seek the SUV for exploring undiscovered terrains with the AX AC model.

Mahindra may have chosen to release this model in part because Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, the nation's largest automaker, will shortly introduce the highly awaited Jimny lifestyle off-roader. To capture some market share, MSIL will maintain Jimny prices relatively cheap as compared to Mahindra's Thar range. With the AX AC model, Mahindra will try to reclaim some of its lost market share.

The new AX AC type will probably look exactly like the current variants in terms of appearance, but in order to keep prices down, it will undoubtedly be devoid of extras like alloy wheels. According to reports, the more recent AX AC model will lack several of the important characteristics of the AX(O) variant.

Mahindra now offers two engine choices for the Thar's outgoing 44 versions. A 2.0L gasoline engine and a 2.2L diesel engine are the first and second, respectively. These two engines will probably be available with the AX AC version. Only RWD Thar models have a second base engine option, a 1.5L diesel engine that is directly derived from the company's subcompact SUV XUV 300.

Maximum output of the 2.2L diesel engine in the Thar 44 is 130 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque. The 2.0L gasoline engine, which generates about 152 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque, is the most potent of the group. Both of these engines have a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission choice. Last but not least, the brand's 1.5L diesel engine makes about 118 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque. Both this engine and the 2.0L gasoline engine are available for the Thar's RWD versions.

We do not yet have any information about the cost of the new AX AC model. However, it may be predicted that it will be in the range of Rs. 11–12 lakh. The current ex-showroom price ranges for the diesel and petrol versions of the Thar are Rs 9.99 lakh and Rs 16.49 lakh for the diesel version and Rs 13.49 lakh and Rs 15.82 lakh for the petrol version.