4 business options with investment under Rs 1 lakh

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4 business options with investment under Rs 1 lakh
4 business options with investment under Rs 1 lakh

New Delhi : Always wanted to do the business but don't have enough money to start with. Here are four options you can choose from a limited investment of just Rs 1 lakh.

1: Driving School

These days everyone wants to learn driving and starting a driving school can give you a good opportunity. For this, you can yourself start teaching driving or even hire a driver for the same. Check how much money do you need for this

Car: Invest in an old car (70,000 - 80,000)

License and fees: Rs 10,000

Driver and salary: Rs 10,000

2: Party planner

No matter what is the occasion, people do need party planner to make their day special. Here is a breakup of investment you need to start the business

Office space: You can either scoop out a space in your home or even take the space on rent.

Monthly rent - Rs 10,000

Decoration material - Rs 40,000 - Rs 50,000

Assistant salary - Rs 30,000

3: Hobby classes for kids

Parents these days look for hobby classes to make their kids busy and talented with better utilisation of free time. You can start either art and craft classes or dance classes either in your home or in a rented space.

Monthly rent for office - Rs 20,000

Hobby class material - Rs 20,000

2 Assistant salary - Rs 30,000 

Promotion - Rs 20,000

4: Used car dealership

Selling and buying of used cars business can be started under Rs 1 lakh. Become a mediator for sellers and buyers of used cars.

Office space: Rs 20,000

Promotion - Rs 10,000