Adeel Ghaziani Founder of CyberHosters: The emerging entrepreneur who has inspired youth to take risks, work hard with honesty to gain victory

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Adeel Ghaziani
Adeel Ghaziani

New Delhi : As there is tremendous growth in the IT industry during the last few years Adeel is one such magnificent entrepreneur who has bloomed digital marketing during the pandemic in a very short period.

Success is not something that we solely desire to achieve materialistic wishes. It is something that we are passionate about and curious to deliver honest and reliable services. Thus, one such personality is Adeel who has proved that with no source of income or knowledge still one can touch the sky of victory through going beyond comfort zone and most importantly believing in our capability.

Adeel says he migrated to Dubai from Karachi, Pakistan around 5.5 years ago with limited funds but with his eyes twinkling with dreams. He says there was no one to guide about the Dubai market in finding a job, there was no moral or financial support from anyone, with fear of speaking English and understanding the British ascent he was broken and was wondering if finding hope of a job in Dubai was tedious for him. However, though with a sole degree of diploma in software engineering he could find his first job within seven days from his arrival in Dubai as a salesman.

It is truly said "where there is a will there's a way" and after joining his first job he was promoted to technical manager to account manager. But still the struggle continues as he has to travel long distances around 5Km by walking to close sales. Sometimes he wonders why he has been in Dubai? But his inner faith always glittered his thought that something amazing is planned for him. Thus, he continues to work hard believing in God and his ability.

The miraculous entrepreneur journey starts when he loses his job during covid-19 pandemic from hospitality services. But, fortunately that proved to be a blessing for him. Because during that period he realized his passion as an entrepreneur and his interest in Digital marketing. He started his firm Cyberhosters providing services such as Website Development, Google Ads, Amazon Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing and many more.

As he spent a long time in Dubai he observed the great demand of digital marketing even a barber promotes digitally. Thus, taking the advantage and always willing to work with computers Adeel dived into the sea of digital marketing with glorious victory. To bloom his skills he has been trained by Google Dubai office in 2019 he is one of the luckiest members to get trained with 75 other people who were selected.

He believes in honesty just to hit the target sales people make fake promises which is fooling the innocent clients. To break such inhumanity activities he is working with his team delivering honest services to his clients to bring new revolutionaries in the IT industry.