Billy Bunny NFT collection is the next big thing in the NFT space

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Billy Bunny NFT collection is the next big thing in the NFT space
Billy Bunny NFT collection is the next big thing in the NFT space

New Delhi : Billy Bunny is a recent development in the Web3 space. NFT marketplace is growing at a rapid pace. There is no doubt that NFT is going to be the future. They are, in fact, the talk of the town. Their total trade volume can say it. Last year, it was about $40 Billion, and this year, it is expected to grow more and reach a height of $70 Billion. 

Billy Bunny is a recent development in the Web3 space. Billy Bunny is a new NFT collection. Four thousand nine hundred ninety-nine unique bunnies are looking for Billy Bunnies. Billy Bunnies are meta-world famous rabbits. Its description says that the Notorious Billy Bunny just gave his orders. He has tasked his entire crew with an official three-pronged mission. 

1. Leave the metaverse.

2. Escort you in WEB3.0

3. Help you to mint your way in BunnyLand.

How can anyone mint a Billy Bunny? 

To mint a Billy Bunny, the following steps are required. 

1. Install the MetaMask extension in your Chrome Browser. 

2. Then, connect your wallet to MetaMask. 

3. Register your wallet during the raffle to access the Minting. 

4. Approve the pop-up of the transaction on MetaMask. After approving, you can now safely mint your Majestic Bunny. 

Pro Tip: You need to have enough ETH in your wallet to cover gas and NFT mint fees. 

The team behind this NFT collection. 

It has a fantastic team that will lead this NFT collection to a new high. This team includes six members. Out of which, only four are listed below on the website.

1. KENY 

KENY is the teacher of all. On the website, it is listed as EL Maestro. EL Maestro is a Spanish word that means a teacher. 


HALVIS is the Bunny Chief of all. According to the website, he is the chief of all. 

3. OLAF 

According to the website, OLAF is the Discord Master. He handles all the things on discord. 


The website says PANCAKE is the Design Master. He is the head of all the billy bunny NFT collection designs.

The Roadmap

A roadmap of any NFT collection tells anyone the plan of the collection. It also tells us whether any NFT collection will survive in the future or not. Its roadmap includes a pathway from an excellent game experience to the introduction of the comic. 

1. Game Experience 

Its description says that get ready for a fantastic experience on the Sandbox. They will soon launch a series of gameplay on the Sandbox. This awesome meteoric ascension will reflect in their dear bunnies' valuation. 

2. Metaverse Investment

They are planning to invest massively in the various metaverse. They have decided to distribute their 50% profit as per their DAO's regulation. 

3. Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

They have an excellent DAO system. As we know, governance is the key. They systemically consult the community on our ambitious investment strategy topics. It looks like they have adopted a solid governance system for their future. 

4. Merchandising 

After the launch of their gameplay and the introduction of DAO, they have decided to launch their merchandise also. A world-famous designer has crafted a full-blown merchandising collection. They will make bunnies colorful and attractive just for you. 

5. Events

They will advertise upcoming initiatives to expand their network and offer a unique spectrum of merchandising to their esteem holders. With the most compact and influential community, they will shoot inside and outside the metaverse. 

6. The Comic

They have added a fun yet attractive section on their roadmap. This is the comic. This will surely attract some unique people to become holders of this NFT.

Published : 2022-04-05 07:53:23
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