Founder of MasterKey Media, Navjyot Gurudatta explains why Digital PR is important for every Brand

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Founder of MasterKey Media, Navjyot Gurudatta explains why Digital PR is important for every Brand
Founder of MasterKey Media, Navjyot Gurudatta explains why Digital PR is important for every Brand

Digital PR is a technique that is used by Brands and Individuals to build an online presence for them or their Brand. Those days are gone when the Brands only used to rely on the newspaper and print media to achieve the brand awareness. At present the businesses are using blogs, news websites, podcasts, emails and what not to connect to their potential customers. This is where Digital PR plays a major role, Navjyot Gurudatta, who is founder of Masterkey Media and is in business for over 7 years shares 5 major points why and how Digital PR is useful for any kind of business.

1) Customer Acquisition - Digital PR do drives a lot of business for your brand if it’s done correctly, Your Brand news that is published on an online news channels is exposed to many relevant or potential customers, A brand can convey message in a subtle way of how they can help their customers or how their product benefits the customer, The credibility of Media coverage can create wonders if well executed. Well, Masterkey Media does this for you.

2) Results can be Measurable - A Digital PR campaign is always measurable, you can always get the number of Views on your Content shared digitally, whether it’s in the form of News shared on a website or a content shared via Influencer Marketing, Even the campaigns are planned accordingly to get the desired number of impressions/views on the content.

3) Improved SEO - SEO is the need of every Brand and Digital PR is one of the best ways to improve SEO for your Brand, the more news you have online the more chances are that your Brand is visible in that sector. “According to our past results and experience it’s very obvious that overall Digital PR presence has a vast impact on where website ranks on various search engines.”

4) Digital PR Adds Credibility to your Brand - Doing Digital PR of your brand in an online news publication can help grow credibility for your brand and it’s seen as a trustworthy source by those looking for information on the topic you’ve chosen to talk about and there are more chances that suggestion seekers can choose your Brand which indirectly increases business.

5) Reputation and Trust - If you can make your Brand seen by others as an expert on this, which is usually the major goal of Digital PR, It increases your authority over a major audience, And the most important benefit of digital PR is that Google recognises your brand website as the most trustworthy and relevant source for that particular sector.

New Delhi :

Digital PR is one of the most profit-making Digital Marketing technique for any Brand if it's executed properly and it’s the best investment for any Brand/Business to market it’s services online, Masterkey Media is one such Digital Marketing company who are the leading providers of Digital PR along with their other Digital Marketing services.