Hicare: Want clean home this Diwali? This may be of your help

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New Delhi : A clean home means a happy and healthy home, no questions about that! Since time immemorial we have grown up hearing our grandparents and parents teaching us that ‘Cleanliness is Godliness”. This festive season, why don’t you gift your house a cleaning service?

With Diwali and other festivals all lined up, it is time to give your houses a makeover. Home cleaning services and professional cleaning becomes a necessity during the festive season as everybody wants their house to be at their shining best. No matter how much we try do self-cleaning, it isn’t perfect. We don’t realize but our homes are actually very dirty, we just don’t see it!

To top it all off, comes the pesky monsters in disguise, rats, ants and other insects, which have very happily made your home, their home!

It’s time to call HICARE professionals to do intensive home cleaning Hicare has come up with a brand new range of Home Cleaning Services. Hicare provides a range of products and offerings to cater to all your needs and emergencies. It is committed to provide professional cleaning services using advanced machinery and highly effective safe chemicals.

For extensive cleaning using Machinery there is Deep Cleaning Service which takes 4 -5 technicians 8/9 hours and your entire house is deeply cleaned. There is also a Specialist Cleaning service which is quick and gets done within 4/5 hours where specific areas are focused on like kitchens, bathrooms and windows. Niche services like sofa shampooing, curtain steaming, bathroom cleaning, etc. are also provided. Hicare has an extensive home cleaning service which includes deep cleaning of all the furniture in your house, ceilings, walls, scrubbing the floor of bathrooms etc.  There is also thorough bathroom cleaning and sterilization services. Our expert services include sofa and chair spa as well, because why should humans have all the fun? We also do floor polishing and mattress steaming and have a special cleaning service for your car as well. In short we provide holistic and exhaustive professional home cleaning services.

Hicare also makes sure that all of the hidden monsters are also taken care of, and the menace is contained with its wide range of services.

The different services offered are:
•         Intensive Cleaning
•         Deep cleaning
•         Express Cleaning
•         Sofa spa
•         Chair spa
•         Kitchen Cleaning
•         Bathroom cleaning
•         Carpet spa
•         Floor polishing
•         Mattress cleaning
•         Curtain steaming
•         Premium car care

Hicare also offers services tailored to corporates to avail the services on an ongoing basis to maintain best possible conditions of all the upholstery within the facility and offices.

The Cleaning Services are active in Delhi and NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderbad, Jaipur, Bangalore and Coimbatore and our pest services are available in 40 cities around India. We offer Commercial and Residential services with super localized services offered to meet individual client needs.

We at Hicare, provide you a one stop solution for all kinds of home cleaning services. We justify professional home cleaning services and ensure that your home is a happy and healthy home and your family has the best environment to live in! Hicare disinfects your house from every angle and provides a hygienic environment to live in. Even the unknown are brought into light by Hicare professionals and you have a nice clean home with a great vibe and zing to live in!

We are not your maids, we are super services! We are a onetime service, but we make it worth your penny and while.

Book now for special offers this festive season.

You’d want a clean, shiny home this festive season, don’t you? So without further adieu, pick up your phone and give us a call at our toll free number to get a holistic cleaning done for your house, this festive season!

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