Meet the young entrepreneur who can turn businesses fortunes: Arham Surana

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Arham Surana
Arham Surana

New Delhi : He can guarantee results for stagnant businesses that are gaining no new leads and no traffic.

With the advent of the internet, majority of brick and mortar businesses have transitioned into the digital medium. Many entrepreneurs and individuals who want to mark their impressionable mark online have turned to digital marketing to establish a wide online presence. Building a strong social media following has become an important aspect of any businesses’ marketing strategy today, and is one of the most effective methods to ensure growth and expansion to a great extent. To make things easy, professionals who hold expertise in this zone are now accessible to get things in the right track. Amongst the well known digital marketing experts is a young entrepreneur who has had an exceptional track record in providing social media growth to many big brands, entrepreneurs and public figures, he is Arham Surana. 

He has aced in the digital arena at this age and has helped many known personalities expand their reach on Instagram by increasing their social media followings. Having dwelled deep into the subject and mastering it to the core, he has been able to generate multiple revenue sources for clients spread across the globe. He also holds expertise on Facebook ads. How did this young man make it to the top at such an early age is an interesting read. "I have always been a risk taker and have faced failures many times, nevertheless that didn't deter me from achieving my goals," says Arham. While kids his age were whiling away their time, he was spending his time gaining in-depth knowledge about the digital world. Those sleepless nights followed by days trying to grab the subject deep to its roots made him an expert what he is today. Initially, people didn't take him seriously, but he proved them wrong by excelling in his work and showing that there's no substitute for hard work and focus which can take you places. 

When asked about where does he see himself five years down the line, Arham answers, "I want to see myself leading a financially independent life by creating multiple sources of income." we're sure he will reach newer heights of success given his exceptional talent which makes him unique and stand a step ahead than others. 

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