Payal Kadakia: Indian girl who made over Rs 300 crores in five years

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Payal Kadakia: Indian girl who made over Rs 300 crores in five years
Payal Kadakia: Indian girl who made over Rs 300 crores in five years

New Delhi : Payal Kadakia has set a perfect example of how success comes to your feet when you make your passion a profession.

The 35-year-old girl is in focus for becoming a millionair in less than five years with sheer dedication to pursue her passion as profession.

She had a passion to dance since childhood and years after entering into adulthood she decided to make it her profession. She started a dance company and within 5 years the company has grown from Rs 0 to Rs 2600 crores, leaving her with a personal income of Rs 325 crores.

Expanding her wings, Payal Kadakia has also stepped into the business of spa and fitness.

About Classtivity startup

Started in 2010, Payal Kadakia released Classtivity to public in 2012, with Sanjiv Sanghavi. In 2014, they rebranded themselves into ClassPass.

By April 2016, the company had booked over 17 million fitness reservations. The company also added additional pricing tiers such as 3 or 5 classes per month.

In March 2017, Payal Kadakia swapped roles with Fritz Lanman, with Lanman becoming CEO and Kadakia becoming Executive Chairman.

By June 2017, the company had booked 35 million reservations.

In August 2017, the company announced expansion to New Orleans, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, Cincinnati, Calgary, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Riverside, California, and Salt Lake City.

By December 2017, the company had booked 45 million reservations.

In March 2018, ClassPass launched live-streamed fitness classes for $15 per month/

In 2017, the company was ranked #2 on the Deloitte Fast 500 North America list.

When she made it to Forbes list

Payal Kadakia has been listed in growing women entrepreneurs list. According to the magazine, she started her business in 2013 and have a net wealth of Rs 325 crores.