SourceTrace Digital Solutions to aid Bangladesh’s Dairy Industry

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SourceTrace Digital Solutions to aid Bangladesh’s Dairy Industry
SourceTrace Digital Solutions to aid Bangladesh’s Dairy Industry

New Delhi : SourceTrace, a global leader in data-driven agriculture, has collaborated with Bangladesh’s Dairy Development Research Project (DDRP) to provide effective solutions for dairy development. The new software solution by SoureTrace helped Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute (BLRI) lead its dairy initiatives and tracking systems.

The breed development experiments in the rural community areas did not lead to the expected results because of traditional record keeping system and also because the existing crossbred cattle population originated from uncontrolled mating or artificial insemination, which turned out to be disease-prone. Therefore, BLRI reached out to SourceTrace for a digital solution to lead the research and farm management DDRP.

SourceTrace’s farm management data module captured all data from both research stations and community levels including developing a cattle herd book, breeding and population tracking, reproductive records, phenotypic characterization and growth traits records.

“The solution has been able to solve the challenges in collecting critical research data, particularly from remote farm level with its team of a limited number of scientists”, says Dr. Md. Azharul Islam, Chief Scientific Officer, BLRI, Project Director, DDRP.  “The feature to be able to edit or update the collected data is an added advantage”, he added.

All data processed by SourceTrace was used to help take decisions on breeding and reproduction, feeding, vaccines and deworming in real-time basis with authentic evidences. The scientists and field staff involved in the project thus received complete and accurate information of the nucleus breeding herd for milk yield, daily feed, animal health/ disease status or any other critical research information on a timely basis and in a cost-effective manner.  Dr. Md. Shahjahan, Senior Scientific Officer of DDRP, said “We find the solutions user-friendly, but what also makes it cost-effective is the capability to collect fully authentic data via mobile phone from farmers at remote community levels.”

“SourceTrace’s software solutions have been able to effectively solve challenges in dairy industry by collecting critical research data from even the remotest farm levels. We would be honoured to provide more data-driven solutions in the upcoming dairy breed future for BLRI.” said Dr. Venkat Maroju, CEO, SourceTrace.


SourceTrace is a SaaS (Software As A Service) company   that focuses on sustainable agriculture and empowerment of smallholder farmers.The company, which has impacted over 1 million farmers thus far, has had Dr.VenkatMaroju at the helm since 2012, and is currently active in over 26 countries. SourceTrace’s digital solutions are helping improve productivity and profitability of the agriculture value chain. 

The company has worked with brands such as Cargill, NABARD, IIFCO, Wilmar, WorldFish, etc. Its mobile applications are scalable from small co-operatives to large agribusiness corporations and government agencies working in the sustainable development sector.