The Climber 2020: Opple shares growth story at 'Channel Partners Conclave 2020'

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The Climber 2020: Opple shares growth story at 'Channel Partners Conclave 2020'
The Climber 2020: Opple shares growth story at 'Channel Partners Conclave 2020'

New Delhi : On Monday, the leading LED lighting brand Opple, maintaining its traditions of every year trade meet, held 'Channel Partners Conclave 2020' under the banner of 'The Climbers 2020' at Jaypee Greens Resort at Greater Noida. It is a two-days event. 

Mostly, the channel partners of Opple joined the event on the first day. The direct dealers, project dealers and other trade partners also participated in the conclave and shared their growth stories in LED technology and its advancement.

Hariom Mishra, Marketing Manager, Opple India, said, "This conclave provides tons of opportunities to scores of our stakeholders, partners, traders and distributors to share their growth stories. We have 14 branches pan India which is the incubator of newer technological advancements. With the advent of cutting-edge technology and innovations, we are committed delivering trailblazer products in the field LED lighting." 

Opple India Head, Mr. Rambo Zhang greeted more than 200 channel partners at the conclave. In his keynote speech he said, "We are developing an ecosystem for all our stakeholders that is going to boost our growth manifold in years to come. LED demands in India are higher than ever. Even the government is encouraging people to use LED as it extremely energy efficient. We are world number 1 in consumer lightings.With our motto of 'No Flicker, No Fikar' (No Flicker, No Tension), our products are designed aptly for the hospitals." 

Based in Shanghai, China, Opple is emerging as a global leader in LED lighting after Philips. 

Ananda Chatterjee, Sales Head, Opple India, said " We are working diligently on smart lighting and IOT (Internet of Things). We have launched several smart lighting products and still working on advance technology. Opple has 14 corporate branches in India with sales and distribution teams. Day two of the event will embrace several Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), agreement with trade partners, planning and sales targets. We will also be launching products on Tuesday. We are also sharing our achievements and next year plans at this conclave."