Checklist For Buying Second Hand Tractor In India

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Checklist For Buying Second Hand Tractor In India
Checklist For Buying Second Hand Tractor In India

New Delhi : A tractor is one of the most useful machinery on a farm. It has multiple uses and makes the job of the farmer much easier. Investing in a new tractor can be quite expensive. That is why many farmers look to buy second hand tractors in India.

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You get the advantage of all features and a sturdy machine at a much lesser price. However, when purchasing a second hand piece of machinery, reviewing a few points to invest your money to get the maximum and best possible outcome is important. Here are a few things you should include in your checklist. 

Make and model are according to your requirement 

There are various types of tractors available in the market. They are priced according to the features. 

Before you even start looking for a second hand tractor, research your options and what is available for sale. Choose a mini tractor, utility tractor, row crop tractor, 4WD tractor, or AC cabin tractor. 

Once you have decided which is best for your size of the farmer and your requirement, filter your search to save time. 

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Keep your Documents in order 

When you are buying the tractor, you need to ensure all the documents are in order. You should be shown the original documents, and the owner's name should match those on the documents. 

A second hand tractor should be bought after seeing the original invoice, registration certificate, commercial vehicle insurance, tax receipts, warranty details, service book, and loan documents if a bank loan is involved. 

Check the commercial vehicle insurance online or contact the insurer to understand how many claims have been filed in the past. Check the validity of insurance and other documents as well. If the tenure of insurance is about to end, you can look up insurance plans if you wish to make any changes. 

The exterior of the tractor is intact 

The exterior of the tractor is as important as the engine. The exterior does the heavy lifting, so you must examine it thoroughly. 

Take a perfect look at the tyres and see if you can spot any damage or if they need to be changed. Tyres of a tractor are costly to replace and often indicative of any faults in the tractor's frame. At the same time, check if the tyres are original or have been remoulded. 

Rust is a common enemy of tractors, and if it is rusted in many places, the tractor's life will be short. 

Along with this, check the attachments, hydraulics, driver’s seat, and safety features. Some of these features can only be experienced with a test drive. 

Check if the tractor is completing its task without any hassle and without anything breaking down. 

Check if the mirrors are proper and undamaged. 

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The interior of the tractor should be good

The interior of the tractor speaks about how well the tractor has been maintained or if it was subjected to any damage due to calamities. While you may not understand everything about the machinery, try to check whatever is in your scope. 

For example, the gearbox, clutch, battery, headlights, indicators, and so on. Ensure that there is no engine leak. 

Ask when the oil was changed and when the engine was greased last. Don’t forget to match the chassis number with that of the documents. 

Take a look at which parts of the engine have been replaced and if they are original or not. Check if the steering lock is proper. 

Productivity of the tractor 

The purpose of a tractor is to assist the farmer on the farm. The productivity of the tractor is essential. There is a limited time for farmers to cultivate their land, and every activity is based on the season. When you are inspecting the tractor, ensure you try doing the action that it is expected to do. The tractor's productivity affects the outcome of yield and indirectly affects the farmer's income.  

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Other factors 

You can physically check these major things while buying the tractor. Apart from this, you need to take a look at things such as – 

All parts of the tractor should be present and spare parts of that particular make and model should be available in the market. 

The regular servicing of the tractor will give you an insight into the maintenance and remaining life of the tractor.

Get the tractor's mileage and a fuel consumption pattern to gauge how much it will cost you. 

A good and beneficial tractor insurance takes care of any financial liabilities you may have in case of mishaps. It is compulsory to have at least third party insurance for all tractor owners. Tractor insurance ensures the tractor and the driver are covered in case of accidents. 

It can be overwhelming if you are looking to buy a secondhand tractor due to the cost and the commitment. However, you can refer to this list, and you will know what to look for. 

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