Health Insurance Vs Mediclaim: Which is the Better Choice?

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Health Insurance Vs Mediclaim
Health Insurance Vs Mediclaim

New Delhi : Health insurance and mediclaim are two important insurance products that individuals and families opt for in order to secure their financial health in case of medical emergencies. But it is significant to understand the differences between the two in order to make an informed decision on which is the better choice for you.

This blog will walk you through the aspects of mediclaim vs health insurance and help you know the significance and advantages of both plans.

Significance of Health Insurance and Mediclaim

Health insurance is a comprehensive cover that provides protection against medical and surgical expenses, hospitalisation costs, pre and post-hospitalisation costs and other related costs. It also covers preventive health check-ups, dental expenses, OPD expenses and other critical illnesses. The premium of health insurance is usually higher due to the wide coverage it provides.

Mediclaim, on the other hand, is a more basic form of health insurance that provides coverage only for hospitalisation and related medical expenses. It pays for hospitalisation expenses. The coverage amount in it is limited based on the plan you choose. The premium is usually lower than health insurance due to the limited coverage it provides.

For instance, most mediclaim insurance excludes coverage for chronic diseases or pre-existing conditions, while many health plans offer such benefits for no additional payment.

ParametersMediclaimHealth Insurance
Mediclaim gives coverage against only hospitalisation expenses; i.e. you can only claim for this if you’re hospitalised only.Health insurance offers a comprehensive cover that extends further than just hospitalisation expenses. Some of these expenses include annual health checkups, daily hospital cash, OPD expenses, and alternative treatments, AYUSH, among others.

There are no add-on covers.
Numerous add-on covers include critical illness cover, maternity benefits and infertility cover, etc.
Coverage limit
The hospitalisation cover is limited and does not exceed ₹5 lakhs.
The coverage is extensive and is decided based on age, city, number of members in a single plan, etc.
It is not that flexible and cannot be customised as per requirements.
These plans are adaptable and customisable.


The expense of treating health conditions in terms of medicine is rising quickly. Purchasing this insurance policy is necessary to protect your cash against expensive medical expenses. Some advantages of having these plans are:

Protection against medical costs

Receiving top-notch medical treatment without putting too much of a financial strain on yourself is the fundamental goal of medical insurance. Moreover, healthcare plans protect against expensive medical expenses. On the other hand, mediclaim plans help you cover expenses that occurred before and after the policyholder is hospitalised.

Extra security beyond what your employer provides

Several businesses offer group insurance for employees. Also, if your work changes or you lose your job, you might not have insurance. An individual health plan can support you during medical emergencies, while the best mediclaim policy will relieve your medical expenses, such as hospitalisation and other fees.

Cashless claims

Many insurance companies provide a cashless claim option. Your insurance company and the hospital will work out a deal to cover the costs of health care services under claim settlement. On the other hand, a mediclaim policy can settle your claims related to expenses incurred during hospitalisation. 

Which is a better choice - Mediclaim vs Health Insurance?

The answer to this query depends on your personal needs and preferences. Both these policies offer different types of coverage, and the best choice for you will depend on the type of health coverage you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for coverage that is specific to medical care and hospitalisation, then a medical policy may be a better option. However, if you are looking for more comprehensive coverage that covers other areas, such as vision and dental care, then a health policy may be a better option. 

You should decide which health policy or mediclaim will provide your family with the most protection based on your ability to pay for it. Get a medical insurance policy to cover your family if healthcare plan coverage exceeds your price range. For the best deal according to your requirements and needs, contact Niva Bupa, which will provide health plans for your future with all the safety and guidance based on your needs.