Home Loan EMI Calculator: Make an Informed Decision About Buying a New House

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Home Loan EMI Calculator: Make an Informed Decision About Buying a New House (Image: Shutterstock)
Home Loan EMI Calculator: Make an Informed Decision About Buying a New House (Image: Shutterstock)

New Delhi : The home loan EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) is a payment that you make on a monthly basis to pay off a home loan. The amounts vary, and during some months, you may pay a higher amount than other months. To get a precise calculation of your EMIs, we recommend using a home loan EMI calculator.

An online home loan EMI calculator will show you how much your home loan will cost you. You simply supply some personal information, such as loan details, and the details of your EMIs pop up on the screen. Using the home loan calculator ensures that you pay what is right and that you go for a home loan with lowest home loan interest rates. All of this starts with an efficient EMI calculator for home loans. 

Read on to learn what a home loan is, and why it is your best bet for purchasing or refurbishing a home or property.

What is a Home Loan? 

A home loan is a loan type that you can apply for at a bank or Housing Finance Company (HFC). The home loan is accompanied by a fixed/floating rate of interest that guides your monthly payments on the loan. Here, your lender takes the property you purchase as collateral. This is to guarantee that you will repay the loan amount and interest at the agreed time.

Also, you grant the lender the right to resell the property or home if you are not able to finish the home loan repayment. This is done so the lender can recover the loan amount disbursed to you in the first place. You make home loan repayments via the home loan EMI. To determine this payment schedule, your lender relies on the loan amount to be borrowed, the home loan interest rate, and the duration of the loan. 

Some home loans are utilized to purchase or build homes on a property. But that's not all. You can use a home loan to pay for your home renovation or expansion project. Most home loans are offered at 80–90% of the property value, though the ultimate amount is provided at the lender’s discretion. This relies on the amount disbursed as a home loan and other factors like credit score and rates of interest. 

Read on to learn what a home loan calculator is and why it is crucial to utilize this to make smart decisions regarding your prospective home loans. 

What is a Home Loan EMI Calculator? 

The EMI calculator for a home loan is an online-based method utilized to calculate the home loan EMIs payable on a home loan monthly. The EMI calculator’s key features are its easy-to-use user interface and its ability to provide precise findings. All you must do is input a few loan details, and it does the rest for you.

The home loan EMI calculator serves in the capacity of a home loan interest calculator. It shows the accurate amount of interest payable on your home loan. It equally reveals the home loan EMI payment schedule and a full breakdown of your home loan repayment. Having a resource like this is quite helpful because it ensures that you do not opt for a loan that you cannot pay back in full.

With this calculator, you are aware of your stand and what home loan deal suits you the most. It also acts as a veritable tool for your financial planning.

What is Home Loan EMI?

A home loan EMI comprises the repayment of the principal loan amount and the payment of the interest affixed to the loan amount. Your lender determines your home loan interest.

A quick tip: When you apply for a home loan that has a long duration, say 30 years, it helps you get a reduced EMI on the loan.

Why You Need the Home Loan EMI Calculator to Plan Your Home Purchase

When you use a housing loan EMI calculator to determine the EMIs payable on your home loan, you are afforded a precise view of the amount needed for the repayment. This also ensures that you make smart decisions concerning the kind of property or home you buy. The calculator helps determine an accurate home loan amount that you are eligible to receive. It also helps you ascertain the property’s total cost

So, knowing the EMIs payable on your home loan helps you know your home loan eligibility. With the EMI calculator for home loans, your decision to purchase a property or home becomes wise.

Why You Should Determine Your EMIs Before Taking a Home Loan 

You must calculate the amount to be paid monthly about your home loan before you even apply for it. Here are some reasons to back our recommendation:

It helps you know how much you can receive as a home loan. 

You get to know whether a short-term home loan or long-term home loan will work for you. 

It aids you in determining how much to set aside as a down payment for the property you want to purchase. 

It also helps you plan to manage your finances efficiently to meet up with EMI payments always. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what the home loan EMI is and how the EMI calculator for a home loan helps you determine your home loan EMIs, use online home loan EMI calculator to get accurate results.