Indian rupee has given no-confidence to Narendra Modi: Rahul Gandhi

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New Delhi : With the rupee plunging to its lowest-ever level of 70.08 against the US dollar, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday took a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying the national currency has given a "no-confidence to the Supreme leader".

"The Indian Rupee just gave the Supreme leader, a vote of No-confidence, crashing to a historic low. Listen to the Supreme Leader's master class on economics in this video, where he explains why the rupee is tanking," Gandhi said in a tweet attaching a video of Modi in which he is mocking at the former UPA government over the rupee.

In the video, recalling a speech he had made about five years ago, Modi, as Chief Minister of Gujarat, says the way in which US dollar was getting strengthened, the rupee was getting weaker. "In the international trade market, India won't be able to stand. Our businessmen who export and import goods won't be able to sustain this. Even the government cannot stand against it.

"And the government in Delhi is not responding. The country wants to know Prime Ministerji, what is the reason that only the Indian rupee is falling against the dollar. I have always demanded and said that this has not happened due to economic factors but it has happened due to the corrupt politics that has started from Delhi," Modi had said.

Attacking Modi, who had accused the Congress of "70-year misrule", several Congress leaders posed questions as to who was responsible for the current fall.

"Modiji finally managed to do something that we couldn't do in 70 years," the Congress party tweeted after the rupee fell to a new low of over 70 to a dollar.