Iqbal Singh- An ideal mentor for digital entrepreneurs

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Iqbal Singh- An ideal mentor for digital entrepreneurs
Iqbal Singh- An ideal mentor for digital entrepreneurs

New Delhi : Digitalisation have changed the world in and out. It has changed the pace of business world. Now anybody from anywhere can create and avail business opportunities.

Gone are those days when only physical form was the only form the business or one has to travel himself to get business from foreign places. Now, all you need to do this, think of a business idea and then buy up space on Internet and sell it.

Iqbal Singh, a young talented, digital entrepreneur understands this dilemma and extended help to thousands of young minds to establish themselves.  

Many young entrepreneurs start with a bright idea but could not survive due to online competition. They get confused how to get customers and how to engage and how to create demand for their business. Many dreams die because they don’t know to pursue it. 

“I believe we all have our own space in digital world. We just need to understand the scenario and act accordingly. It does not work in moment. It takes time. So, I suggested that the aspiring entrepreneurs should be patient and also they should have full faith in their idea.” He shared his view point. 

He is a master and established his own called venture WAF Entrepreneurs, specifically to mentor and guide young online entrepreneurs. Since 2013, it is on run with various digital entrepreneurs battling through how to gain audience and use it well. This service is one of it’s own kind. We wish him luck for his future endeavours.

Iqbal Singh’s empire has become extremely successful over the years. WAF Entrepreneurs not only provides a platform to earn money while working from home but also prepares people for the hard times. It is a sole driving force in making them leaders to win battles of tough times 

Iqbal Singh is a source of inspiration for several people around the globe who are yearning to reach success. Confidence and hard work have been his biggest assets. He is sure to make it to even greater heights with his dedication and passionate goal-oriented approach towards his business.