PM Narendra Modi firm on achieving $5 trillion economy goal

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PM Narendra Modi firm on achieving $5 trillion economy goal
PM Narendra Modi firm on achieving $5 trillion economy goal

New Delhi : Despite the Indian economy hitting several lows, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is firm on achieving the target as he claimed that good governance will make the dream achievable and true.

Addressing people at Times Now Summit, PM Narendra Modi accepted that the goal is not easy but maintained that it is not impossible. "Growth of India was stagnant in the last 70 years but with good governance, we will achieve the goal."

He claimed that no time will be wasted by India and the nation will now move on a faster speed and confidence.

PM Modi also mentioned that India is now in a situation where it can take quick decisions. He also notified that more than a century of decisions have been taken by the government in the last eight months, including some landmark decisions.

Talking about the youth, he claimed that now youth is more confident about being a job giver instead of becoming a job seeker.

Assuring the people that tax harassment is a thing of past, PM Modi said, "India is one of few countries where taxpayers charter will be implemented to define their rights. There is no charter even in rich nations. India is taking a responsible step to safeguard taxpayers rights."

He further said, "Our aim is to transform India into a tax-compliant society. The changes in the tax slabs are going to greatly benefit people. All governments hesitated to touch the tax system; now we are making the tax system citizen-centric."