"What brings those uncountable zeros in your earnings is your vision": Asli Daud on manifesting fortune!

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Asli Daud
Asli Daud

New Delhi : "The social media King", "best marketer In the capital" and a lot more terminologies are associated with Asli Daud.

The young entrepreneur, who has been awarded varying entitlements through reputed platforms and has been revered by magazines and grand journals like entrepreneur, Forbes, Foundr and a lot others, has expressed the mantra that has carried him this long.

Daud who is currently guiding two firms under the Asli Media Group, Asli Digital Media and Asli Media partners, being the idealistic CEO and founder, is an adept social media marketer, a celeb manager, an influencer and a marvel entrepreneur. Alongside, Daud is also the founder of Bollydad.in, deemed as one of the fastest-growing entertainment and media-related news platforms. Updated in a click with information of the second, Bollydad has acquired a lot of fame in a jiffy. The entertainment industry which has always been brewing with news, demands a  platform that captures it by second, and Bollydad is the perfect solution for it.

With over 1000 clients globally, Daud has been commended for his consummate skills by his clients and has brought them the deserving cred. With names like Kate Alexeeva, Zayn Saifi, Gaby Guha, Maren Tshchinkel, Alii Muhammed, who rule their respective industries, appreciating Daud’s work, he has worked with newer talents as well. He has been paving the way for the newbies to enter the industry and commence their careers with a boom.

A cyber expert and a strategist,  he has formulated some of the best ones utilizing the current market trends and the cognizance of technology at his dispense has even propelled the standards of his workpieces a notch higher. www.Daud.vip showcases his mindset in an idealist manner. 

Stepping into variable industries, Daud has been a producer for global workpieces like “Mulk”, a movie, and song like “May I come In”. He has much greater plans for young stars. 

When queried about the right way to engender the fortune, Daud only rejoindered with a few lines, that could revolutionize anyone’s mindset. “A vision is what brings you the zeroes in your earnings. Learn to aim for a definite goal and have a vision in your mind, that could draw everything you aspire. Never go the other way round!”