Sameera Devuruwan AKA Sam Dee : A Journey of a Pilot at Sri Lankan Airlines to Venture Capital as CEO of HEXXION

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Sameera Devuruwan
Sameera Devuruwan
Sameera Devuruwan is among a big name in venture capital world as he holds the top position in the firm called HEXXION. He is currently the CEO of the firm. But not many would know that he was a pilot at Sri Lankan airlines. He came a long way before entering into the domain of venture capital. He reached Texas at the age of 16 and after 2 years where he joined Sri Lankan Airlines. While flying the airbuses and flights to different places, Sameera got a good exposure that further enhanced his thought. 

He started thinking on various lines and contemplating on something interesting and lucrative about the market till he got struck to the idea of Venture Capital. He left no stone unturned to explore this topic in and out and come along with something really interesting. Sameera then embarked upon his venture capital firm called HEXXION wherein he started giving him the relevant options to invest and thus helped many to get higher returns on their investments. 

He worked really hard to give his best in this regard and has come a long way from being an Airlines Pilot to an entrepreneur who is known to add an edge over their investment. He is the man who allows people to see dreams and help them make a reality for his clients. His vision is clear and he is leaving no stone unturned to build tomorrow with their minds and hands and thus support them to get an edge on it. He knows the art of valuing people and their perspective that helps him to gain big for them through his firm Hexxion.