Apex court bans saffron Diwali; it has to be green

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Apex court bans saffron Diwali; it has to be green
Apex court bans saffron Diwali; it has to be green

New Delhi : The latest orders banning  sale of Firecrackers in Delhi /NCR till first of November, and this order of top court coming just 9 days before upcoming Hindu festival- Diwali , celebrated with much pomp and show across the country is alarming for the whole brigade who believes in the religion and follows the same with utmost faith . Although , Ban on bursting crackers was not made explicit in the verdict but has clearly spoiled the celebration mood . The vigilantism against the majority religion has bombed and devastated the religious sentiments of many, this Diwali.

This disparity and step motherly treatment with Hindus began long back at the very inception of Free India with the decision of then Constitution makers to codify all Hindu customs , traditions and religious practices into legislative laws but Muslims being given freehand to practice their customs under personal Sharia Law. The same trend of suppressing Hindu sentiments is continuing till date whether by decisions of various courts , laws and bye laws of state governments or administrative orders of bureaucrats  . 

Refugees in their own nation, the majority population of the nation is deprived of its Right to celebrate its customs, traditions and festivals . Not for the first time in recent past that Hindu traditions and festivals have been targeted and curbed inspite of large scale protest against the same. Earlier it was Jallikattu which was treated as cruelty against animals but the same court refused to entertain plea questioning animal sacrifice on Bakri-Eid. The height of Dahi Handi was determined by courts , age of Govinda restricted by courts and the whole celebration of Dahi Handi treated as  cruelty against children but none questioned dripping blood out of children’s head and bodies on Muharram. There is hue and cry on Holi for saving Water and water pollution but no one stands against millions of gallons of water being wasted in washing meat on bakrid.

And this is not the end but the beginning of the story of Hindu Suppression by clipping the Wings of Saffron Bird in our Blue Sky,  in our own mother land, Our Hindustan . The recent  Nazi orders of Mamta Government in West Bengal  prohibiting immersion of Durga idols during Muhharram procession inspite of the fact that it is generally a custom followed by Shia Muslims whereas majority Muslim population of Bengal is Sunni or the latest orders of Karnataka Government disallowing Sikhs to keep Kirpan with them adds to climax of this whole conspiracy weaved around larger plan to uproot Hinduism completely from its very base. For How Long would this continue? Hindus , the most peaceful and tolerant of all religions must make themselves heard, must stand in unanimity,  not for themselves , not for their personal Ego but for their survival, for their  very existence , for “DHARMA”.

(The views mentioned in the article belong to advocate Pragya Bhushan. News Heads has nothing to do with it)