5 professional courses to attract learners in 2019

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New Delhi : The tech-savvy era is more than just choosing engineering or medical courses. Now, youth have pool of options to choose according to their personal interests and skill. As we move towards 2019, we'd like to mention a list of exceptional courses which are all set to become very popular among learners in 2019.


The rapid progress of AI (artificial intelligence) has led to the immense development in robots. With the arrival of humanoids like Sophia and SoftBank’s Pepper, robots have made a preferred option to study. Therefore, the career options for students who specialize in robotics have expanded. 


The subject automation has already started making profound impacts on the business world. Be it manufacturing, automotive or retail, nearly every sector is now investing heavily on automating tasks that are tedious and repetitive. A study confirms that the demand for automation experts is growing by the day and international students are now inclining towards automation courses.


Mechatronics is a new branch of engineering that has caught the attention of students lately. As described on Stanford University’s online portal, it is at the intersection of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and software engineering. After completion of the course, graduates can look for work opportunities in various areas including automation and robotics, AI and expert systems, sensing and control systems, computer integrated manufacturing systems, and transportation and vehicular systems.

Disability programmes

According to a World Bank report, 1 billion people across the world live some form of disability. At a time, when people of disabilities make for the 15 per cent of the global population, the demand for disability support workers is on a rapid rise in many countries. Students with a degree in disability programmes can find a wide range of jobs. Be it a speech therapist or a full-time caregiver, the options are plenty. Students can also decide to work for government bodies after graduation. Most medical schools in popular study destinations offer specialized courses in disability care.

Infection Control 

Infection Control course is gaining popularity worldwide. This specialized field of study prepares students to work in an array of settings such as hospitals, healthcare facilities, government departments, private labs among others.