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Govind Badu
Govind Badu

New Delhi : How difficult it is to start from zero but society has many people who prove it is not impossible. If a person is determined to do something, then he can do everything. Govind Badu is also one such power who has started from zero and has traveled from floor to floor today. The youth listening to the stories of his life listens as his story.If the family was normal, then the business policy was not inherited, whatever it is today, Govind has achieved it on his own. Today, when we see youth cursing others for their own mistakes, then they must see the example of Govind. Govind always took lessons from his mistakes and found a way to rectify them.

When Govind interacts with the youth, he stresses the most, “Take care not to blame others on your own faults, but to find faults in yourself, try to correct them or never try to repeat the same mistake again. That should be the goal. The amount of time we waste in protecting ourselves, if we spend that much time in accepting the truth and learning from it, then it will be worthwhile. Today no one has enough time to make the same mistake again and again. We all have heard right in our childhood that mistakes should be learned from but repeating the same mistake indicates not learning from it. Today, a youth conscious of his future, has considered the age of 25 as the boundary line of success. In such a situation, only knowing new ideas and moving forward on them can make their path easy.”

If seen, Govind's point is 100% correct. After all, the example of youth like Govind becomes necessary. So! Govind saw many struggles in life, he had neither experience, no resources and most of all no guidance. In our life, if we find someone holding a finger, then half the struggle will end automatically.But where does everyone get this good luck! Govind has also gone through the same difficult situation. That's when he decided that whatever happened to him, he would try not to happen to the rest. People like Govind are the best human resource for a country like India with the largest youth population. His aim is to fill the youth with the motivation to achieve their goals so that they do not look back and keep moving forward.