NEET Exam 2017: Preparation tips and topics for tomorrow's medical entrance examination

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NEET Exam 2017: Preparation tips and topics for tomorrow's medical entrance examination
NEET Exam 2017: Preparation tips and topics for tomorrow's medical entrance examination

New Delhi : NEET Entrance Exam 2017  for undergraduate courses for MBBS and BDS will be held for tomorrow May  7, 2017. NEET UG is being conducted as an entrance examination for the entry into the UG courses in medical colleges across the country. 

This year, 11.5 lakh candidates have registered for the NEET Entrance Exam 2017, for 56,000 medical and dental seats across the country. 

It is one of the toughest and competitive exams in the country and requires extra reparation by the candidates for all subjects including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.    

Here are some of the important topics which the aspirants need to prepare for NEET exam 2017 

1. Physics

This section often gives a hard time to the students and hence the Physics should be prepared very well and some of the most important topics for the NEET exam 2017 are:

  • Magnetism, electricity and heat transfer
  • Kinematics and Thermodynamics
  • Work energy and power
  • Waves (sound and optics)
  • Electrostatics, EMI, and gravitation
  • These questions will constitute at least three fourth of the physics section and hence should be given utmost importance.

2. Chemistry

Generally, the chemistry section constitutes questions which are less tricky and hence this section becomes the scoring area for the NEET UG exam 2017. Important topics from chemistry include:

  • Basic concepts of chemistry like the periodic table, mole concept chemical bonding, solubility, reactivity, etc.
  • Thermodynamics and thermochemistry
  • Oxidation, reduction, and redox reactions
  • P block elements, metallurgy, solid states, gaseous states
  • Organic chemistry

Preparing these given topics, a candidate can easily score well in the chemistry section and can increase the overall score for the exam. The chemistry section can be scored well and hence should be prepared well.

3. Biology: 

Being a medical entrance test, this is the most important section for the NEET 2017 UG exam. The question comprises from both the zoology and botany topics. Some of the important topics for the NEET exam are given here:

  • Biological classification and diversity in the living world
  • Human body, reproduction, evolution and principles of inheritance and variations
  • Ecosystem and anatomy of flowers
  • Endocrine system
  • Cells, biomolecules and biotechnology

These are only some of the important topics from the biology section. Also, different variations of questions from this section can be expected from this section.


As per regulations framed under the Indian Medical Council Act-1956 as amended in 2016 and the Dentists Act-1948 as amended in 2016, NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST (UG) – 2017 [NEET(UG)-2017] will be conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), for admission to MBBS/BDS Courses in India in Medical/Dental Colleges run with the approval of Medical Council of India/Dental Council of India under the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India except for the institutions established through an Act of Parliament e.g. AIIMS and JIPMER Puducherry.