OCP Academy and ISM Patna Collaborate for Innovative Educational Workshop with Pranjal Singh

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OCP Academy and ISM Patna Collaborate for Innovative Educational Workshop with Pranjal Singh
OCP Academy and ISM Patna Collaborate for Innovative Educational Workshop with Pranjal Singh

New Delhi : OCP Academy's innovative workshop with Pranjal Singh offered the opportunity to unlock the power of digital marketing and gain practical industry-based skills for a successful career.

OCP Academy and ISM Patna collaborate to offer innovative educational initiatives to post-graduation diploma students. In a recent workshop, over 100+ attendees participated in a digital marketing talk by Film Director Pranjal Singh. Pranjal Singh has covered various topics in a workshop, including digital marketing tricks and tips, latest case studies, and future digital marketing with AI and talked about Chat GPT version 4.

During the workshop, Pranjal Singh, the director & founder of OCP Academy, highlighted various aspects of the institution's registration process, online courses, and programs. He particularly stressed the unique teaching approach of marketing in a game-like manner using virtual concepts. Under the guidance of the chairperson Devil Singh, and with the help of Niru Ma’am, the workshop was executed smoothly.

In light of the interest shown by the students, Pranjal Singh believes that it is essential to acquire both academic qualifications and practical skills. To encourage this, OCP Academy has launched a scholarship program. Many students have already taken the exams to avail themselves of the opportunity to continue their studies with additional benefits.

To bridge India’s digital marketing skills gap, OCP Academy conducted this digital marketing strategy workshop in ISM Patna. This workshop is an excellent opportunity for students and professionals from any stream to learn about the latest digital marketing trends and strategies, including SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Apps Marketing, Reporting, Ad Campaigns, Professional Courses, and Future Learning with AI and Immersive Technologies. The registration process is now open, and interested participants can visit the website for more information.

Pranjal Singh is a versatile film director who has directed more than 50+ films in Bollywood and has been associated with several other Bollywood productions; he has more than 12 years of experience in the film industry. He advocates skill and industry-based education and has launched OCP Academy to provide hands-on experience in digital marketing.

Website: www.ocpacademy.com 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ocpeduonline

Pranjal's interactive and immersive workshops focus on practical, hands-on learning. He incorporates a variety of teaching methods, including group discussions, role-playing, and case studies of Natraj, Apsara, Luxottica brands,  Coca-Cola, Dairy Milk, and Google. When Pranjal started the workshop, participants left with a deeper understanding of the subject matter and practical skills. Pranjal's workshops are highly recommended for anyone looking to develop skills and grow as a leader.

Pranjal would like to express the gratitude to Devil Singh and Neeru Ma’am for their support in making the workshop Cum Induction program a success and their continued efforts to provide quality education to students. Thank you both for your dedication and commitment to this cause.

In his interview, the founder of OCP Academy, Pranjal Singh, highlighted skill-based and industry education over academy-based education. He believes that the traditional education system in India needs to prepare students for the practical knowledge they need to thrive in the digital world. 

They offer skill-based education to students, where they are taught practical skills to use in their careers, which can help them find employment quickly and develop their professional skills. It has three ways to build knowledge in students: Industrial Approach, Simulator-based Practice, and Industry Readiness.

OCP Academy offers courses in Marketing strategy and Research-based education, with special instruction for upcoming classes in Digital Marketing. The classes are designed to be immersive and compelling, emphasising future learning. It has special courses for those who wish to start from scratch and for those who have some experience. The types are for three to six months, depending on the student's level of expertise. 

The workshop was well-received, with many students participating enthusiastically and creating memes dedicated to Pranjal Singh. The workshop was an excellent opportunity for students and professionals to learn about the latest trends in digital marketing and enhance their skills.