Opening new doors with engineering

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Opening new doors with engineering
Opening new doors with engineering

New Delhi : Engineering is one of the most pursued courses in our country and with new engineering colleges springing up everyday it has become quite a challenge for students to choose a good engineering college that suits their career goals.

Quality education is scarce in the field of engineering education in the country and one must be very vigilant and aware of the reality of colleges and universities one is applying in for higher education.

In the state of Punjab, lack of quality engineering universities and colleges in the past had led to heavy immigration of students to other states and even countries in search of a course that makes them a qualified engineer.

Building lives

Ever since its inception in 2002, the Chitkara University has made a name for itself among the top engineering colleges in the country. With its engineering courses ranked among the top 50 in the nation, it is no overstatement that Chitkara is the best engineering college in Chandigarh, Punjab.

The college has been at the forefront of research with numerous patents filed till date and students being immersed in research based projects since day one.

• Chitkara offers bachelor in engineering in all major branches and values research over everything else. It is this insistence on research and quality that has fuelled the steep rise of Chitkara’s engineering courses to the top. 

• Their students constantly bag some of the highest paid internships along with job offers and placements from over 500 companies and numerous MNCs and international offers to directly absorb their students into their companies.

• The supportive faculty along with competitive and inspiring studying environment pushes the students to give their best.

Renowned Courses

Their engineering courses are among the top 50 engineering courses in the country and are renowned for their innovative and research oriented structure. They pursue excellence and understanding of concepts over mugging up answers and the ability of their students are a testament to their modern teaching methods. Their strong alumni base has only the words of praise for their course content for the curriculum is geared towards providing modern day industrial education and imparting skills that immediately relevant as soon as they graduate.

They keep a constant check on the nerve of the industry and sectors and provide their students with the best suitable course content that will see them fill the void in various industries when it comes to qualified and competent employees and project leaders.

Their focus on research and excellence can be easily attributed for the success of their students in winning INR 5 crores in research funding for various projects over the years and with many of their students opting to start their own start-up, their insistence of excellence and understanding has made quite a difference in the way their students approach real life and real life issues.

The tag of the best engineering college in Chandigarh, Punjab is just the beginning and not enough to satiate their hunger for more and far better results.