Team Vikalp concludes 'Samvaad' with positive signs

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Team Vikalp concludes 'Samvaad' with positive signs
Team Vikalp concludes 'Samvaad' with positive signs

Ranchi : Team Vikalp…Searching Together-Learning Together concluded its four-day Jharkhand meet 'Samvaad' on Tuesday on a positive note of taking ahead development in key areas emerged from the research during the course and the valuable inputs of various stakeholders at different levels of planning and implementation.

On fourth day, team Vikalp conducted sessions with approx. 350 government school students of secondary and senior secondary standard to analyse how students react when extra-curricular methods are injected in the education system.

During the session, students were involved in several activities for Knowing Self, Gender steretypes, Thought process, Expressions, Adolescents' issues and more. Interestingly, students were quick to respond and understand things, hinting a positive sign for the team Vikalp's efforts.

Post school session, Team Vikalp conducted a meeting amongst themselves to discuss the four day activities to connect the all the dots for creating a base for need based interventions and a platform for synergy for the upcoming projects or programmes of Vikalp in the State of Jharkhand to ensure more powerful efforts of all related stakeholders to achieve the expected outcomes.

Vikalp team will now be working in Jharkhand State based on the outcomes of these four day programme 'Samvaad' very soon.