Things that went wrong in NEET 2018

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Things that went wrong in NEET 2018
Things that went wrong in NEET 2018

New Delhi : Buttons ripped off, sacred threads cut, shoes taken off and much more! No, these aren’t any security checks at the airport to get hold of gold and drug smugglers but inspecting students at NEET 2018 centres on Sunday, May 06. Not just this, delay in writing the exam because of biometrics and public transport along with students not being allowed entry to the examination hall are other such disturbing instances that took place.

Yet again to one’s despair NEET grabbed numerous eyeballs due to such bloopers witnessed on the day of exam across the country. No other prominent national level entrance except NEET puts students under such tedious process in the pretext of taking precautions and abiding by the rules. Let’s have a look at some such goof-ups that were a part of this year’s entrance examination. 

Candidates forced to remove footwear, earings and sacred thread

With an intention of no student gaining any sort of unfair advantage over others, the official authorities on Sunday in the Chennai region forcefully made candidates remove earings, footwear, dupatta, burkhas, nose rings and even sacred threads. This is sheer humiliation in the name of avoiding malpractices. There are gadgets to trace copying devices and jam communication than indulge in such wrongdoings. 

Tamil Nadu aspirants allotted exam centres in other states 

In another blow to CBSE, the exam conducting authority has this time allocated exam centres in other states than Tamil Nadu which clearly meant that more than thousands of aspirants travelled all the way to their reported centres in different states without any second choice. 

Supreme Court refusing to change its order at the eleventh hour on the issue adds to the misery of people who couldn’t afford the travel expenses. Like, a Dalit woman had to mortgage her jewels in an attempt pay her travel and accommodation. 

CBSE cited lack of time in allocating centres locally stating in part, “There was no time to arrange for more centres in Tamil Nadu. However, in all other states, candidates have been accommodated as per their choices”. 

Train delay by 5 hours causes aspirants to miss NEET

Akhiya, the young aspirant’s dream of becoming a doctor was pushed to another year after she couldn’t make it to the exam centre on time. The girl from Kerala had opted for Chennai as the exam centre and the train scheduled to reach Chennai on the day of exam at 4:30 a.m. was delayed by 5 hours due to some construction work going on in the way which broke her aspirations. 

Further, Akhiya's father who travelled along with her, and other parents present outside the DAV Girls Senior Secondary School sat on the roads and protested against the authorities for not even giving Akhiya chance to explain why she turned up at 10:02 am, when the gates close at 9:30 am. 

Candidates turned away in Tirupathi for reporting late at the exam centre

Five students in Tirupathi of which two included girls were denied entry to the exam centre because of the mere reason of arriving few minutes late. 

“I was not aware that I have to be at centre 2 hours before the commencement of the exam. I have not taken any coaching and am not aware of this”, said Chandrika who was in town to appear for the exam at the allocated test centre. 

Delay in exam due to biometrics in Mumbai

As per the procedure, biometric fingerprints of all students appearing for the exam were taken at the time of entering and leaving from the exam hall. However, at some centres in Mumbai students were very dissatisfied regarding the process of finishing the biometric and videography process as it wasted quite a lot of their precious time.

“The process of checking biometric finger prints of students should be done before the exam. We wasted 10 to 15 minutes on finishing this process in the middle of the paper,” said Janhvi V, who took the exam from a centre in Malad.

Wrong set of question papers presented to aspirants in Madurai

At least 100 NEET aspirants could not take the written examination after the officials brought wrong set of question papers for a section to them. Instead of the bilingual papers in English and Tamil as prescribed by CBSE, these 100 candidates in four exam halls based in Madurai were given the ones in English and Hindi.  

A 46-year old man accompanying son dies in Tamil Nadu

In an unfortunate event on Sunday, a 46-year old man accompanying his son to the examination centre died of a possible cardiac arrest in Ernakulam during the time his son appeared for the exam. 

The father-son duo reached Ernakulam on Saturday and stayed in a lodge where the man complained of adverse health conditions. He felt chest pain after which he was taken to a private hospital and declared dead on arrival. 

3 NEET aspirants jump gates in Bengaluru yet not allowed for the exam 

In another incident of students reporting late to the exam centre, 4 aspirants were not allowed to enter at Army Public School in Kamraj. The drama picked up when a girl tried to scale the gates at three minutes past 9:30 a.m. She was immediately taken care by the police and sent back.

However, another boy from Hassan district and a girl from Anekal were also late by 3 minutes and they both scaled the gates of the school. As a result, they were also debarred from taking the exam. 

All the above-mentioned malpractices and goof-ups are a wakeup call as the NEET exam conducted since the previous years is unwarranted. CBSE must look into the same or it must delegate the responsibility to some other conducting body.


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